Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Staple White Shirt

Holly Phan Photography

Why should you  have a staple white shirt in your closet? Isn't it predictable? Or just the standard? Well let me tell you why. If you work, intern, or go to school, chances are you come across days where you have to dress for business or want to wear a more polished look. A tailored white shirt is versatile and can be worn in many different occasions. And rather than thinking of a white shirt as predictable, think of it as dependable. White goes with pretty much everything- navy, jean, dark green, etc. It's versatility and dependability make a white shirt a staple in your closet.

I've found that over the years my wardrobe has diversified in textures, sifted through fabrics, and been enriched with varying lengths. With the chiffon, silk, knits, cardigans, and sweaters, a white shirt actually stands out in my wardrobe. Its brings a clean, structured essence to an everyday look.