Monday, October 10, 2016

Three Trends to Try for Fall

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3 Trends to Try for Fall - Here are three trends that I've embraced this fall and ready to share with you!

1.       Suede Shearling Vest
Looking for something warm and cozy for fall? The suede shearling dress is the epitome of comfortable. It feels like you’re wearing a blanket. A statement piece like this is so easy and cozy to wear that it should be a crime. Look for a vest with interesting drapery or cut asymmetrical.
How to Style it: Wear either a traditional white button down shirt or any button down shirt. I'd even style this with either a jean dress or shirt.
2.       The Unhemmed Jean
Whether flared or skinny, the unhemmed jean has taken the blogger world by storm. The traditional hemmed jean is polished while the unhemmed jean is a subtle act of rebellion. Wearing the unhemmed jean could potentially be the new destroyed jean – and I’ve already seen this combo in my current pair of jeans. Reject from the norms of hemmed jeans and try the unhemmed jean today.
How to Style it: Replace your hemmed jeans with a pair of unhemmed ones. Pair them with mules, sneakers, or flats to show off the rawness of the jeans.
3.       The Mule Shoe
This shoe has been around for several seasons. And I have to admit that I avoided this trend initially. But the chunky, stable heel has won me over. I love heels that I can wear comfortably as I shop, brunch, and run errands.
How to Style it: Pair a pair of mules with an unhemmed jean to highlight both pieces.

I hope you enjoyed these three trends for fall! Let me know if you end up trying any :) 

Outfit details:
White and Green Striped Button Down - Target
Suede Shearling Vest - TJ Maxx 
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - 
Purse - Fossil 


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