Friday, February 10, 2017

Introducing: We Are the Northwest

We are more than flannel shirts and the grunge scene. 
We are more than Starbucks lovers, tech geeks, and airplane enthusiast. 
We are fashion, we are progressive, we are women.
We are different, we are diverse.
We are professionals, fashionistas, models, and creatives. 
We have unique voices that are meant to be heard.
We are here and
We Are the Northwest.

Meet the Women:

Hi - I'm  Emma from Emma's Edition. 
 Meet Ribicca from Amro Menor.

Though we come for different backgrounds,
have different interests, have different working professions,
together we are the Northwest.

Meet the team who brought us together:

Thank you for stopping by! I've got more looks from We Are the Northwest coming soon!


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