Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Relax, Escape, Thrive: My Spavia Experience

In 2017, I'm focusing more on health and wellness. I truly believe in self care both emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Between work, class, blogging, working out, and everything else I've got going on life, it's easy to beat up my body with day to day stresses. I hardly ever treat myself to massages and facials, but I think it’s important to reward myself every once in a while.

My recent collaboration with Spavia made it possible for me to relax, escape, and thrive. My visit was an incredible, rewarding experience. Spavia generously treated me to a facial and a massage. Here is my experience:

1.       Pre-massage/pre-facial Experience:
I was welcomed by the front desk and Ann, the owner of Spavia. I filled out some paper work disclosing what scented lotion I wanted in my signature massage and how my skin behaved throughout the day for my facial. I chose the guava lotion for my massage, medium to hard pressure for my massage, and disclosed my skin could be dry at the start of the day. 

I loved how Spavia took into account my preferences to help better shape my spa experience.
2.       The Signature Massage - 60 min:
I was so relaxed during my full body massage that I felt asleep (oops)…. I felt like I got the ultimate massage because my signature massage turned into a sports massage and I was so thankful it did. I’ve been going to physical therapy for a month now for my IT band and quad tendon. So when it came time to get my legs massaged, I kindly asked the massage therapist if she could focus on my IT band and quad tendon. Both my legs obviously hurt as she worked her magic, but I felt so much better the next few days after the massage!

3.       The Signature Facial – 50 min:
I honestly wish I could get a facial every single month from Spavia. My face was:
·         Cleansed
·         Exfoliated
·         Then covered with a yummy pineapple, papaya enzyme mask (This was my favorite park! The mask smelled so yummy!)
·         Next had the skin analysis extraction done
·         After, I had a vitamin rich hydrating mask put on
·         Then, a Vitamin C Serum
·         And finally sunscreen and lip moisturizer put on.

My face was not only taken care of, but also my hands, arms, neck and shoulders. I didn’t realize I would get another massage after my massage! I had hot stones massage my arms and a hand treatment as a part of the facial. I walked out of Spavia and my face was GLOWING. My boyfriend saw me later that evening and commented that my face looked really nice. This facial is completely worth it!!

4.       Overall Experience:
My overall spent in Spavia was overwhelmingly positive! The staff, massage therapist, esthetician, and Ann the owner were so welcoming and focused on making my customized experience wonderful. I loved how the neck warmers before, during, and after the spa treatments. I also really enjoyed the hot tea and cold water available to the spa guests.  

5.       Would I Come Back?:
YES YES YES! I didn’t wear make up for two days because I loved how my skin looked and felt amazinggg from the facial. My legs also felt great exercising after my massage. I highly recommend checking out Spavia in Greenlake. It’s a perfect time to stop by since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Spavia Promotions: Expire 2/15/2017
Right now you can enjoy either a signature massage or facial for $79 instead of the normal price of $99 – just enter FIRST VISIT when checking out online.

Or you can enjoy BOTH a signature massage and facial for $158 instead of the normal price of $198! Just enter promo code: lovespavia. 

Thank you for reading! 
Love, Emma 

Photography: Lindsey Clawson 


  1. I've never heard of this spa but the facial sounds amazing! I'm in Renton, but would totally drive to Greenlake for a great facial!

  2. Ahh I haven't tried this place. I'll look into it. $158 for a massage AND facial is amazing!

  3. Ahhh your review on this massage makes me want to make an appointment RIGHT NOW. I also fall asleep during massages sometimes. That's the sign of a really great one.