Thursday, March 23, 2017

10 Places I Go To For Inspiration

Inspiration to me is an artistic motivation.  

Inspiration is a calling from the natural world to produce something within you. Inspiration can be fueled by negative and positive emotions. It’s a will to act, to create, and to communicate a space or an idea into the world.

And I draw inspiration everywhere. I intend to live a fulfilled, meaning life and I believe I can do that if I’m continuously inspired.

It’s a magical moment to be inspired. Being inspired feels like an incredible view that takes your breath away. Being inspired feels like an awakening - I feel like my eyes open to a new perspective. To me, inspiration also feels like there are butterflies in my stomach that are ready to lift me off the world. When I feel inspired, I feel free.
Whether I’m thinking about fashion, human connections, or a career, I do my best to find inspiration in every facet of my life.

Here are 10 places and things I turn to for inspiration.
1. I turn to TED when I want to learn about new ideas or learn a new perspective in the world. I love how I can learn about the environment, then spoken word poetry, then our public school system. I also love how there are 5 min talks to 25 min talks.

2.       Peoples Stories – I read every Humans of New York Facebook post. I also listen to the Modern Love Podcast. Whether I’m reading it or listening to it, I try to find spaces to hear about people’s stories. I love hearing about people’s experiences in love, failures, accomplishments, and adversity. I love hearing people overcome their struggles and the wisdom they can share with the world.

3.       Running, walking or hiking – I work a lot of things out in my head when I’m exercising. I seem to draw my best ideas when I’m in motion.

4.       Reading quotes – I literally look up quotes on happiness, love, and fashion to get inspiration. Thank you Pinterest!

5.       Thrift Stores – I suppose it’s a bit ironic to find inspiration with second hand clothes and house hold items. I love picking up thrifted things to reuse and repurpose them into my wardrobe or home.  

6. Flowers – I love getting flowers and seeing flowers. My heart literally experiences joy when I see a bouquet of flowers. I love wandering around plant nurseries or Pike Place Market to see the flowers.

7. The Photographers I collaborate with – I’m always inspired by the photographers I work with on my blog. Each photographer brings a unique perspective in my life. Whether its aesthetics or different ways to frame a shot, I find that I’m always energized and inspired after working with my photographers.

8.  The Bloggers I Follow – I absolutely love all of the different bloggers I follow both in the Northwest and the rest of the world. I love seeing the travels they embark on and how they style today’s trends. I love seeing people’s creative expressions!

9. Career Discussions with Friends –I’m always inspired when my friends and I talk about our career next steps in dreams. I’m inspired by my friends’ dreams. Some of my friends aspire to be lawyers while others dream of starting their own media companies. I feel lucky to be surrounded such motivated and successful friends!

10.   Music – I’m usually listening to music when I begin to write a new piece. Music helps me bring my head into focus. It can help me realign my emotions, especially if the song singing how I feel.

Where do you go to find inspiration in your life?


This post is in collaboration for American Eagle Outfitters Spring 2017 #WeAllCan Campaign.
Photos: Holly Phan

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  1. Loveee this post girl! You are the cutest and those denim shorts are perfect!