Thursday, March 2, 2017

We Are the Northwest: I am Who I Am

I am who I am because of my failures
Because I have struggled,
Tasted regret
And questioned the time and space I occupy
I am who I am

I am who I am because of rejection;
I’ve experienced in school,
I’ve experienced in applying and being denied for jobs,
And pursuing opportunities that were not in the cards for me

I am who I am because of the instabilities I’ve grown up with
With my identity,
With the two cultures I’m fortunate to call my own,
With my family, my finances, and my self confidence
With my career, my writing, my fashion, and passions 

I am who I am because of those I’ve loved and lost
I’ve attempted to love those who could not do so
And those who could not do so
Left my life
And because they left,
They allowed those who could reciprocate my love
To come into my life

I am who I am because I understand 
that my failures, regrets, and rejections,
My instabilities, my lost loves,
Make me who I am
With the lessons that they left me
And the opportunities that they allowed me to have in the denials I’ve experienced
I am who I am

We Are the Northwest Series

Thatch Floral  |
Hair: Meghann Oliberos |
Make Up: Renee Saia | 
 Creative/Styling: Allison from West Coast Aesthetic |
Denver Nathan Video |

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