Wednesday, April 5, 2017

8 Ways to Maintain a Positive Attitude

Attitude is everything.
I see the glass half full. Though I am an optimist, there have been many times in my life where I struggled with maintaining a positive attitude.

Specifically, times of transition and adversity have really challenged me to keep a good attitude. Whether I was starting a new school year or starting a new role, learning how to perform and function in a new environment can be difficult and daunting at times. In times in my life, being stressed and worried also weighed down on me.

One way I’ve managed to overcome transitions and adversity is to maintain a positive attitude.

Here are 8 Ways I’ve Learned to Maintain a Positive Attitude:

1.    End my day with 3 positive things that happened to me
I’ll usually share this with my boyfriend or my sister. I love this practice because it deliberately brings me to think about the positive instances that happened during the day. A few examples of some of the positive things that happened to me in the past: I got a promotion at work, I found great parking on the street, I ate ice cream, and Boone learned a new trick!

2.    Exercise
I could not function if I wasn’t able to exercise 5 times a week (I take weekends off). Exercising allows me to manage and release my stress. Whether I’m running or lifting weights at the gym, I know my endorphins are released when I exercise. I always feel better after a work out!

3.    Relax
 I am always on the move, but I know if I don’t carve out time to relax, I’ll end up over working myself and getting sick. I’ve learned it’s hard to maintain a positive attitude if you’re fatigued. So I make it a point to relax during the week. Some of my favorite ways to relax are: walking our puppy Boone, reading, listening to podcasts, and shopping!

4.    Morning Routine
One way I’ve learned how to maintain a positive attitude is to make sure my morning start out well! If I start my day well, I find I’m happier throughout the day. Here are three things I prep to have a smooth morning:
a.       I make sure I pack my lunch the night before so I’m not frantically packing it the morning before work.
b.      I also pick out my outfit the night before so I don’t have to stress about it in the morning.
c.       My make-up is set up on my desk in an easy way for me to grab everything. My essentials are: moisturizer, mascara, brows, foundation, and bronzer for my everyday look!

5.    Pay Attention to Language & Thoughts
Your attitude can be reflection of what you’re experiencing internally. Your attitude can also help determine what you decide to pursue and avoid in life. It’s important to pay attention to the thoughts that fill your head and the words you choose because these thoughts and words can become your actions. I’d advise to be mindful of when you say “I can’t” in life instead of “I Can”.

6.    Create Goals to Work Towards
One way I keep a positive attitude is working towards new goals. Even if I’m in a challenging circumstance, if I know my experience is needed to get to the next step in my career or life, I’ll do a better job staying positive. I’ve learned that times of adversity are temporary because nothing in this life lasts forever.

So when I’m struggling either at my job or my confidence in blogging, I remind myself what I’m working towards. I remind myself that this is just one challenging step I need to take to get closer to achieving my goals.

7.    Look for Inspiration
Sometimes if I’m feeling down, I look for ways to be reenergized and inspired in life. It’s easy to sulk in our worries or lay down in regrets. Instead of succumbing to those negative emotions, I try to look for inspiration to find a way to keep going. I recently just shared 10 Places I turn to for Inspiration. Hopefully some of these suggestions help you too!

8.    Own Your Life
I have to remind myself that I own my destiny, my accomplishments and my failures. In my personal perspective, things can happen to me but I decide how I let them affect me. Empower yourself by reminding yourself that you own and determine your life.
Photos: Miriam Subbiah
There are many things in life we cannot control. However, the one thing that is always in our control is our attitude. Life will always happen, but how you choose to respond to the people and circumstances in your life is up to you. I hope these 8 tips to maintain a positive attitude were helpful to you!

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  1. These are some great tips Emma! I'm currently going through a transition phase and I can definitely use this advice to stay positive about the unknown! Relax is a big one for sure.


  2. Love the tips! Especially, fitness/exercise!
    Morning routine seems to be my biggest struggle right now, but I am excited to look at it in a new way!

  3. Love the tips! Especially, fitness/exercise!
    Morning routine seems to be my biggest struggle right now, but I am excited to look at it in a new way!