Monday, June 19, 2017

8 Takeaways From My First Ride with City Cycle

Fitness is very important in my life. In order to stay sane, I work out. I love trying new things to get a great workout in because just running and lifting weights can get repetitive for me. So when City Cycle invited me to cycle with them a few weeks ago, I was really excited to try a cycling class with them!

Here are 8 things I took away from my first ride with City Cycle:

1. Three words – Full Body Workout.
I had only gone to one or two cycling classes from the gym I used to go to in California.  I knew I was going to get a great workout in, I just wasn’t expecting that I was going to get a full body workout in 45 min– which was such a nice surprise!

2. Arm Workout Say What?!
Since I wasn’t expecting a full body workout, I definitely was not expecting an arm workout during the ride. Half way to about three quarters into the ride, we incorporated light lifting exercises with 3 lb weights. We didn’t do anything too crazy with the weights, but the exercises we did were enough for me to feel like I got a balanced workout.

3. Push Ups are possible when you’re cycling.
Again, since I wasn’t expecting a full body workout, I absolutely did not expect push ups (lol). We ended up doing a modified push up while cycling. I had no idea you could even do this on a bike so I appreciated the added challenge!

4. It’s your workout and your pace.
One thing I really appreciated about cycling with City Cycle was that they encouraged you to continue to push yourself and also listen to your body. If we were climbing a big hill, our instructor Cheney encouraged us to turn it up a notch but also reminded us that this was our workout and our practice. So we had the freedom to turn up our workouts or dialing it back if we felt like we needed to take a cycle back.

5. Cycling to Beyonce is always a good thing.
We had great music to cycle to the entire time. We even cycled to queen Bey so it definitely was a great ride!

6. Lights went with the pace of the workout.
Another thing that surprised me about my first ride with City Cycle was how the lights went with the pace of the workout. I was expecting some crazy light show the entire time we were riding. But instead, the lights changed as we lifted weights and also cooled down. I appreciated how the lights were kept down as we climbed hills – cause my face probably showed how much I was struggling. I enjoyed how they used the lights to take us through the phases of the class.

7. Top notch facilities!
Another thing I really liked about City Cycle was their incredible facilities. I love how they provided complimentary shoes and towels to ride with. They also had private lockers where you could set your own code, nice showers, a blow dry bar, and a really nice lobby area to hangout in before the class started.

8. First ride is completely free!
Lastly, I love how City Cycle is inviting everyone to try their incredible classes and offering a complimentary free class. Sign up today and reserve your bike!

Thank you City Cycle for an incredible first ride! I can’t wait to come back!

This post was made in collaboration with City Cycle and all opinions are all my own.

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