Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A few of my hopes and dreams...

Be a dreamer. Be a believer. Dare to see the world in a different perspective. Dare to dream about space exploration or seeing the Serengeti. Dare to dream a world without hunger or a world with clean water for all. Your dreams inspire your actions. Your actions can inspire and change this world. You can dream. I can dream. #WeAllCan dream and change this world together.

I am a dreamer – and always have been. 
So today I just wanted to share a few personal hopes, dreams, and goals with you. I want to give you some insight to who I am behind Emma’s Edition. I want share with you my interests beyond fashion, career, and life advice.

1. Attend a Hot Air Balloon Festival
I desperately want to go to a hot air balloon festival. Riding in a hot air balloon at a hot air balloon festival has been on my bucket list for quite some time now. I think it would be magical to watch dozens of balloons ascend into the air. I also think it would be an epic background and location for a photo shoot.

2. Graduate with a Masters of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) degree in 2-3 years
Before graduated from undergrad, I knew I wanted to go back for a master’s degree. It took me three years to find the right degree and I’m so excited to start this fall! It’s my goal to finish my masters in 2-3 years while still working full time.

2. Plan a TED Conference
I am a huge TED fan. I discovered my freshman year of college and have continued to be a supporter of TED ever since. I co-organized a TEDxUofW conference during my junior year of college. I’ve also volunteered for TEDxUofW and TEDxRainier. I dream of helping organize an official TED conference once day.

4. Be on the cover of a major magazine
Do you ever go grocery shopping and look at all the magazines placed at the check stands? How often do you see a Filipino-American under 5ft 7in featured in those magazines?  I’d love to be on the cover of a magazine one day to represent all the first generation Asian-pacific islanders who love fashion, career, and life advice. I’d love to look at a magazine cover one day and be the representation I yearned for growing up.  

5. Experience Alaska
I’ve lived in the Northwest almost all my life and I’ve never journeyed to Alaska. (It's only a 3 hour flight too...) I want to the Northern lights, I want to see glaciers, and see Denali National Park. I also want to experience the 22 hours of daylight Alaska experiences in the summer!

These are just a few hopes, dreams, and goals that I have in my life.  
What are some of your dreams?

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Photos: Holly Phan


  1. I love reading about your bucketlist. Great things that you can easily accomplish, I think. Magazine cover and TED Talk -- I can't wait to see that happen for you!

  2. First of alllll this is probably my favorite shoot you've done. Something about it just went so well with the theme! Also, a hot air balloon festival & Alaska are on my list too! <3

  3. The hot air balloon festival in New Mexico is amazing! You've identified great things for your future. Can't wait to see you accomplish your dreams!

  4. I love your overalls! Also sometimes it seems that as we enter adulthood, we abandon our "unrealistic" dreams for more practical ones. I think it is great that you are showing people the importance of always continuing to dream big!

  5. I'd love to attend a hot air ballon festival too! They look so beautiful.

  6. Beautiful post, and not just the photos! I loved reading your goals. Especially the one about being on a magazine. You go girl! My dreams are to someday write a book and go sailboat racing xx.