Nick Bentley Photography.

Meet my “Fall Coat”: A biker style fall coat and leather accents? It was love at first sight. This motorcycle style type coat gave me the clean, structured look that I’ve been craving for in a jacket. The asymmetrical zipper that closed the coat in front looked well both zipped and open. 

How I styled it: This fall coat is perfect to tie your layered look together- as I did with this look. Underneath this fall coat, I styled a chiffon black & animal print tank top and paired a long sleeve jean shirt over it. I warmed this look up with a simple, brown side bag and copper colored jeans. My tall, black wedged boots wrapped up this fall look and matched my fall black coat well.

So now let’s talk about finding that “fall coat”. Let’s talk about that staple coat you search high and low for.
That coat that keeps you warm on brisk fall mornings and pulls your
layered look together. The coat that you have to have- especially since it’s a staple in every wardrobe. 

So when searching for one, think about versatility and structure. The best fall coats are the ones that we can grab and pull any outfit together. The fall coats we fall in love with are the ones that not only fit us well, but also highlight our frameworks by accentuating height or length with structure. Pay attention to the architecture of the coat. Off centered zippers create asymmetrical styles that attribute to the personality of a coat. Stronger shoulders and tougher polyester/wool material can also create a more structured coat (versus cotton materials and rounded shoulders). So when you find a coat. Think about what it’s structure is doing for your figure and height. Think about how what different outfits you could pull together with this coat.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my fall statements and staples so far! Thanks for reading :).