What is My Campus Style?

My Campus Style is going to be a 5 Part Series
showcasing what you’ll find me wearing on campus and where my favorite
spots are at. I’ll be highlighting key pieces of my wardrobe that
support my college life style.You’ll be seeing lots of layers,
secondhand pieces, and boots soon!

My Style Influences: College Lifestyle

My style is strongly shaped by my Campus Lifestyle.  The wardrobe I have built over these past few years have been supportive of my college lifestyle here at the University of Washington.
For instance, as much as I love a
pair of heels, I love and definitely wear my pairs of boots much more
often (heels are not a good choice when your walking across the wet brick paths on campus-which is often). And as much as I love designer purses as the next girl, many of
my purses are second hand finds that can withstand being dragged,
dropped, and picked up again. My wardrobe is filled with cardigans, sweaters, coats and
jackets to keep me dry and warm as I walk through grey skies and drizzling rain
to get to my next class. I live and breath layers especially when
temperatures drop to the 30s and 20s during the dead of winter.  
urban campus style is about comfort and utility- while still being trendy.
So I’m bringing to you, My Campus Style.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for future My Campus Style Posts! 🙂