Most school days, I try to keep it simple but chic.

Black boots and cardigans can easily become an everyday uniform (especially for me), so I try to keep it chic and interesting by choosing the type of boot, cardigan, and pant to pair together. In this look, you see my favorite AE Moto Pants emerge again. I love pairing the dark green pant with the black and white. Dark green  brings a nice subtle pop of color against the black and white. I’m also a little anxious for spring but still stuck in winter… so I paired my white tank top with a black and white cardigan. The woven texture of this black & white cardigan also contrasts the ridges and structural lines of the pants. I finished it off with gold accents and chose patent leather booties with a low enough heel to make walking around campus comfortable.

Outfit Details:
White Top – Zara (just opened in Downtown Seattle!)
Black & White Cardigan – Forever 21
Dark Green Moto Pants – American Eagle
Tildon Patent Booties – Nordstrom
Gold Watch – Seiko
Rings – Forever 21

Hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading!


Like any other girl on campus, I love my leggings. And what’s not to love? Leggings are comfortable and can be paired with running shoes or boots. They’re always such a great break from jeans. So here’s why I’m loving my electric blue leggings:

Reason #1: They’re so bold and edgy but still as comfortable as any black pair of leggings! The electric blue is such a head turner (especially when most people are in black leggings). I love wearing these leggings on days I want to be comfortable but still want to stand out.

Reason #2: You can take these electric blue leggings day or night. I love having pieces in my closet that you can bring into casual or more dressy for a night out.
In this look, I paired these blue leggings with a cross-stitch printed black floral top, a light asymmetrical zipper black jacket on top, and tall black leather boots. I could easily transform this look for a night out in the city by pairing it with heels and a black and white top!

Reason #3: They’re Victoria’s Secret PINK! As the Victoria’s Secret PINK Campus Rep of UW, I was absolutely shocked but thrilled that PINK came out with these leggings. I loved how this pair of leggings and the Street Sport Line extended past just lounge wear.

The electric blue leggings can be a little intimating at first (I know I was when I first picked them up), but don’t dismiss them so soon! Having a bright pair of any leggings on campus is such a fun way to break away from your standard black leggings. Pair them with oversized tops, or simple crew necks. Finish your look with booties or maybe even just creme chucks.

I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

Outfit details:
Cross-stitch Floral Black High Low Top – Nordstrom Rack
Electric Blue Leggings – Victoria’s Secret PINK
Black Asymmetrical Jacket – Pitaya
Franco Sarto Black Boots – Nordstrom Rack