A New Year, a new mini series: The Northwest Edition

Holly Phan Photography

 When I think of Northwest style, a few key words come to mind. I think of the grunge scene and the casualness. I think of darker hues of forest green and navy to match the grey, green, but beautiful scenery. I think of layering, thrift store shopping (I…”‘m gonna pop some tags, Only got twenty dollars in my pocket” – thanks Macklemore), and mixing textures.

So for my first look of the Northwest Edition, I’m dressing for Seattle’s everyday casual scene. I’m pairing a distressed denim with a little pleather and second hand flannel find.

The Distressed Denim: The booming tech industry in Seattle plus its laid back vibes really brings Seattlietes to embrace casual wear. The staple blue jean is essential for living in the Northwest. You can wear your blue jeans to class, to work on Casual Fridays, to the bars, and pretty much any occasion.

The Secondhand Flannel: Like many other native Seattle-folk, I’ve been thrift shopping far before Macklemore came out with his single. I truly am a bargain shopper and love the hunt for finding great pieces for welcoming prices. I’ve brought my love of thrifting down with me to Southern California. I was ecstatic to find this tan and white flannel at the Beverly Hills Goodwill.

The Pleather: Whether your rocking pleather or real leather, either material is a staple for your wardrobe in the Northwest. The classic black leather/pleather jacket is perfect to add for a day or night look. Take edgy, take it grunge, or take your black leather/pleather jacket casual like me. I especially love this pleather jacket for its bomber style look.

Outfit Details:
Blue Jeans – American Eagle
Classic Cream Tee – Forever 21
Pleather Jacket –  Nordstrom Rack
Franco Sarto Slip on Shoes – Nordstrom Rack
Head Knit/Wrap: Made by my Aunt Belinda
Navy Bag: Michael Kors

Watch: Michael Kors

Thank you for reading!