Devyn Leone Photography

Jewelry // ft. Rocksbox

Floral Dress  // Isabelle’s Cabinet 

Heels // Dolce Vita 

Watch // Michael Kors 

If you aren’t freaking out about all your friends getting married or engaged in Facebook, you might be freaking out what to wear at their wedding. There’s no reason to worry though! I can help you find the perfect summer Wedding Dress by keeping three things in mind: Neckline, Shape, and Print:

1. Neckline & Shape – It’s a blessing and a curse to have so options the type of dress you want to wear. Do you want to wear a halter, a strapless dress, or a one shoulder? How do you feel about shapeshift dresses? Or maxi dresses? With so many types of dresses out there, the specific features I focus are the neckline and shape. 

Before shopping for any dress, it’s important to remember that a dress is supposed to highlight your features – like your waist, shoulders, legs, etc. Personally, I really like exposing more of my shoulders and arms so I tend to gravitate towards necklines that highlight them. I usually go for a strapless dress, but I decided to make things interesting by embracing a halter styled neckline. I hardly have any halter pieces in my wardrobe so when I discovered how well this dress fit, I knew I had to have it!

Another feature I always think of accentuating is my waist. I’m on the petite side so as much as I love shape shift dresses, I know its easy to lose my shape in them. So for this wedding look, I also looked for a dress with a synched waist.

2.  Print – The print you pick is a way to show the world your personally. Aside from the cut and shape of the dress, prints are a way of communicating with the rest of the party your mood for that occasion. Florals are always sweet. Tribals and chevron can be very bold and also fun. You can also avoid print all together and embrace lace or fringe. Personally, I gravitated towards florals for this Wedding Look. Living in California for a year has inspired me to embrace a beachier style. I love this red and white floral printed dress. It screams tropical, sweet, and summer all at once!

I hope keeping these three things in mind has helped you think about the type of dress you’d like to wear at your next wedding weekend! Remember to pick a dress that best shows off your beautiful self!

Thank you for reading!