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Eagle Outfitter Back to School 2016

I can’t believe this is my last back to school look for
American Eagle Outfitters. It has been so fun styling AEO’s back to school
collection. In today’s post I’m going to share how I styled these incredible
boyfriend jeans and my thoughts around the theme of “opportunity”.

I wanted to write about my perspective
of opportunity
today because I perceive life as
collective series of opportunity and choice. Here are the two philosophies of
opportunity that I live by: follow where the opportunity is and if the
opportunity isn’t there, create the opportunity.

With my
career, I’ve followed the opportunities. With blogging, I’ve created the
opportunities. During my senior year of college, I decided that blogging was
going to be my way to express my passion for fashion. I made the choice that I was
going to share how I styled my outfits and what trends to try. Even though I
have enjoyed working in the consumer packaged goods and aerospace industries,
fashion is my creative outlet. And I never imagined that blogging and fashion would
lead me to work with incredible brands or even bring me to reflect on my

wonderful thing about creating opportunities for yourself is that you take
 of your art, learning, and development. I’m so happy I decided to blog
and thankful that this choice has led to so many unique opportunities.

So if you’re
reading this and you feel called towards a special interest or hobby, why not
pursue it? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even if you try and
decide it wasn’t the best decision, you will learn from your choice and

Now, let’s
talk about how I chose to style the boyfriend jeans. A pair of boyfriend jeans is both casual and chic. There’s something about the looseness and
edginess of a destroyed pair of boyfriend jeans. In this look, I wanted to
juxtapose this edgier pair of jeans with a flowing top and oversize knitted cardigan. I
love the lace detailing of the cream, flowing top and the knitted cardigan is
so soft! And to complete the look, 
I slipped on a pair of grey, suede booties. I
would wear this outfit out to on a casual dinner date or shopping on the

concludes my American Eagle Outfitters Back to School Collection Collaboration.
I hope you enjoyed this collab series! A special thanks to AEO for extending me this amazing opportunity!


Jeans, Flowy Cream Top, Oversized Cardigan – AEO

– Dolce Vita | Nordstrom Rack