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If you’re petite like me, the maxi dress can either be an
intimidating piece to shop for or something you completely avoid. I personally
love wearing maxi dresses but being petite does present some challenges. You
may have experienced a dress that drags on the floor because it’s too long for
your frame. Or you may have experienced a dress you felt like you were swimming
in. Through trial and error, I’ve figured out three things to look for so you
can say
yes to the maxi dress:

1.      Adjustable Straps – are a must have. They help shorten the dress in length
and also help the dress fit your torso.

2.      A Synched Waist –helps show off your shape and elongates your height. Showing
off your petite figure is the key to not look like you’re swimming in a long

3.      A Walking Slit (or 2!) – Depending on the
material of the dress, it may be difficult to walk in it. As cute as a maxi dress
may be, it still has to be functional. A slit on the side or in front helps the
dress be walk-able and it usually adds more dynamic element to the dress when
you walk in it!

With these three things in mind, I knew once I found this
maxi dress, I needed to buy it! Hopefully these three tips help you shop for a
maxi dress that fits you well! 

Outfit Details:

Maxi Dress – American Eagle Outfitters

Sandals – Nordstrom Rack

 Purse –
Kate Spade

there’s any other pieces of clothing or trends that you’d like tips on, please
comment on the post! I’d love to share more style tips.

Love, Emma