Marina Moiseeva Photography

Ahh! Fall is here. Even though summer is my favorite season, fall comes to a close second favorite. One of my favorite things about fall is of course shopping for fall must haves. One of those must haves on my list this season was a dress to attend a fall wedding. The two weddings I’m attending this fall season inspired me to seek out a unique dress. 

Shopping for fall wedding dress is slightly different than shopping for a summer dress. Here’s my three style tips to help find a unique, but elegant dress for a fall wedding:

1. Embrace a fall color palette: In the summertime, I’m in bright, bold colors. But in fall, I tone it down about it and embrace the changing leaves around Seattle. Fall has many beautiful, rich colors. So when shopping for a dress, look for champagnes, rose golds, burnt orange, berry, or burgundy colors. 

2. Don’t be afraid of Lenth: Long/Maxi dresses aren’t just for summer. In fact, a long dress can be a really elegant look for a fall wedding. 

3. Make Sheer Tasteful: One trend that I’ve been loving these past few seasons is the sheer trend. Consider different ways to incorporate sheer into a fall dress. Whether there’s sheer sleeves, a neckline, or part of your bodice, sheer can be tastefully done right with the right amount of balance of skin and fabric.

Outfit details:
Dress | Irene’s Story: Phoebe Dress | Buy This Dress!
Heels | Dolce Vita | Nordstrom Rack
Purse | Kate Spade 

Now here are three fall dresses that I think would be perfect for a fall wedding:

1. Nordstrom | Eliza J Dress | Buy

 2. Nordstrom | Hacienda | Buy 

 3. Irene’s Story | Charlotte Dress | Buy 

Thank you so much for reading!