Marina Moiseeva Photography

This Labor Day Weekend I headed off to the San Juan Islands to attend a wedding with a group of girlfriends. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest but I hardly ever take ferry rides into the San Juans since my friends and family reside in the greater Seattle area. My ferry rides to and from Orcas Island were beautiful! I’m so happy I was able have a quick weekend escape into the San Juan Islands. 

With my ferry rides in mind this weekend, I was inspired to create a simple, but nautical chic look. I found this shape shift, striped dress at Madewell. I settled on my tan wedges (which seriously go with everything) and paired my black Kate Spade bag (also goes with everything) to complete the look. If you love this nautical inspired look, here are 3 ways to recreate your own look:

1. Basic Colors: There is a minimal aesthetic to the nautical look. Usually it focuses on three main colors: blue, white and red. In this look, I kept out the red but embraced the calm and cool aesthetic of the blue and white

2. All about the Stripes: Usually when you think of a nautical outfit, you tend to think of stripes. I loved the wider white and thinner blue stripes of this dress. The vertical running stripes add the appearance of more structure and height to your figure. 

3. The Modern Twist: A nautical look is a classic look. And with any outfit I always try to add a modern twist. A trend to try for fall and your nautical look is the 70s neckline – the v shape plunging neckline with either string or fabric criss crossing your chest. I loved how this classic dress was instantly modernized with this neckline.

With this three tips in mind, here are some of my favorite nautical inspired pieces from Madewell that you can personally style to recreate your own nautical look!:

1. The Striped Vacances Dress | Madewell | Buy

2. Striped Herald Tee + Denim Shorts | Madewell | Buy Shirt | Buy Shorts 

3. Ace & Jig Deck Dress | Madewell | Buy

Thank you so much for reading!