Marina Moiseeva Photography

Usually my blog post have a specific theme. I’ve shared how to style a maxi dress and how to style transitional pieces from summer to fall. While sometimes I just want to take it easy and share what I’m wearing lately. This is a post where I just want to show you what I’ve been wearing and styling often. With this look, I’m also sharing with you one of my secrets to shopping & saving

 As we approach the first official day of fall, summer sales are happening everywhere. I. love. sales. In fact, seasonal sales are such an exciting time for me to shop because it’s where I find some of my favorite pieces. A lot of people dismiss the seasonal sales because they’re looking ahead at the new pieces that have hit the floor. But the truth is there a lot of different pieces that you can take with you into the next season. I found this nautical inspired shirt at Target on clearance for seriously $7. You can style a nautical look in summer and in fall (there’ no fashion laws against it!). I love this shirt because I can style it in an everyday look and also in a business casual look. Its easy to style and also easy on my shopping budget.

A couple of items that I’ve seen on clearance racks that can be worn both for summer and fall at Target, Nordstrom Rack, etc include:

  • Oversized cardigans 
  • Short sleeve or sleeveless blouses – pair an oversized cardigan with it!
  • Midi/Maxi Dresses – I’d recommend pairing longer dresses with booties and layering them with bomber jackets.

So next time you’re at the mall, don’t dismiss that sales rack. Its worth a browse especially if you find something you can take into the next season!

Outfit details:

Blue & White Striped Blouse – Target

Oversized Cardigan – Nordstrom Rack

Jeans – American Eagle Outfitters

Boots – Nordstrom Rack

Purse – Kate Spade

Thank you for reading 🙂