Corporate Chic Series: Part One

A Business Lesson into Blogging & The Importance of the Third Piece 

Holly Phan Photography

Hey everyone! I’m launching a corporate mini series! Recently,
I’ve been getting the request to do a segment about business casual/professional
and specifically “What to Wear in the Office”. Usually I leave my work wardrobe
out of Emma’s Edition. But this request has inspired be to embrace and share
the other side of me; the businesswoman.

I’ll be sharing with you a 3 part mini series where I am
going to share what lessons I’ve learned business and have
applied to blogging. Additionally, I’ll be sharing tips about how to style a
professional/office look. I’m so excited to write and share about the two
worlds I live in: blogging and business. Blogging is my creative outlet and business is also a passion of mine. Hopefully what the lessons I’ve learned
in my career and applied to my blog will also help you out!

First Lesson: Take Business into Blogging – INSOURCE vs

First lets define these two terms if you are unfamiliar with

INSOURCE: When you keep a trade or practice within your
business/company walls. You’ll use internal resources (time and money) to
perform a practice or trade.

Example: A coffee shop bakes coffee cakes and scones with
ovens inside of the coffee shop – instead of purchasing packaged coffee cakes
and scones from bakeries around the area.

OUTSOURCE: When you choose to venture outside of your
business/company to find external resources to perform a trade or practice. You’ll
be using your internal resources of time and money to invest in an outside
company or person to benefit your company.

Example: A coffee shop finds a mug/cup shop to purchase cups
for their coffee shop instead of making the coffee cups themselves.

Why are these two concepts relevant to Blogging?

Believe it or not, but managing a blog is like managing a
You have to decide what practices you are going to do for yourself or
find an external resource for. Here are some things you have to decide whether
you insource or choose to outsource:


INSOURCE: You set up your iPhone or camera
on a tripod to take your photos yourself.

OUTSOURCE: You reach out and work with a
photographer to take photos for your blog.

Photo/Content Editing:

INSOURCE: You learn photoshop or a photo
editing program to edit your photos yourself. You re-read and edit your written

OUTSOURCE: Your photographer edits your
photos. A friend or an editor edits your written content.

Website Design

INSOURCE: You learn how to create and
design word press/blogger/foursquare layouts yourself.

OUTSOURCE: You reach out and find a website
designer to create and design your blog layout for you. (I recommend Etsy if
you’re looking for a pre-made layout!)

First Lesson in Business Dress: The Third Piece

What is a Third Piece? A third piece can be a jacket,
blazer, cardigan, or vest.
Traditionally your pants/skirt and your shirt are
your first and second piece and the third piece is an extra element in your

I always have a third piece element in my outfit. I rarely
go to work without a blazer, jacket, or cardigan. My group directly supports our director and his leadership
team so business casual is the norm in the office. If I’m not leaving my desk
area, I can remove my cardigan or jacket. But if I’m driving the power point
for director meetings or meeting with customers, I wear my third piece.

Why have a Third Piece? Having that extra item just takes
your business casual look to the next level. It adds a layer for formality,
affirms your authority, and reinforces that you take your work seriously.
Embracing the third piece in your outfit exhibits the intentional effort you
put into your look.

A Third Piece Style Tip: The more structure and lines your blazer
or jacket has, the more formal you and your outfit may come across. The softer,
looser, or oversized your cardigan is, the more informal you comes across.
Understanding how you exude formality with your clothes will help you
understand what attitudes you want to come across.

If you’re at the mid-career
level and looking to jump into management, have you considered if your outfit
is exuding formality or and authority? If you are new to your company, have you
thought about if your outfit choices are demonstrating how serious you are
about your work? This are just some questions to think about when you’re getting dressed for work! Hopefully you consider this business casual lesson if your wardrobe needs more third piece items!

I hope this combined blog post about business wear and applying business concepts to blogging was helpful. Stay tuned for the next post!

Outfit details:
Black Blazer – H&M
Dress – Kohls
Flats – Nine West/ Marshalls
Purse – Kate Spade
Watch – Michael Kors