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One question I’m faced with when I get
dressed for work in the morning is: “How do I look professional but feel
I work for a
large, traditional company and my office work environment is mainly business
casual. Business clothes and shoes can be uncomfortable sometimes so I strive
to look polished but feel comfortable. But don’t worry, I’ve learned a few
things along the way and I’m sharing with you:

Here are three tips to feel
on but still look polished:

A Slip On Shoe – way to instantly bring some comfort in our outfit is to
embrace a slip on shoe.

As fun as
heels are, I walk way too much at work to ruin a pair of cute heels. I happen
to work in the largest manufacturing facility in the world which means that
walking is a way of life. My walk from the parking lot to the office alone is
15 minutes. So I
love slip on shoes
because they’re a nice variation of flats and sneakers. They aren’t as casual
as a sneaker and you can find a pair of more polished slip on shoes.  Don’t
be afraid to trade your heels for a pair of slip on shoes!

2.       Wear a Dress –
A dress is a great way to give you a break from slacks day after day. Dresses
can be so comfortable especially if you find the right material. This cotton
dress from Target has enough structure to pass as business casual and I can
feel like I can breathe in the dress.

Wear a Collar – Like the third piece, a collar adds a sense of formality.
Luckily we have so many choices today for collared blouses and dresses. You can
look for softer materials like silks, chiffon, and knits while still finding
collared items. You can also search for fun printed collared shirts like plaid,
gingham, or polka dots! Whether you’re wearing a comfy dress or a stretchy pair
of black slacks, wearing a collar helps transition your outfit to business

Outfit details:

Navy Blazer – H&M

Dress – Target

Slip On Shoes – Nordstrom Rack

Bag – Kate Spade

I hope you enjoyed the post!