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Product Review: Smile Brilliant

One of my favorite features about myself is my smile. I believe it’s
one of my best qualities and I’m smiling all the time. I try to keep my teeth
healthy by brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist. But over the years I’ve
been self-conscious about how my teeth are getting stained with all the coffee
and tea I drink. So when Smile Brilliant reached out, I was so excited because
I had been looking into different ways to whiten my smile.

Here are my 10 takeaways from using this amazing product!

It works! After using once a week for the last
month, I’ve gained a whiter smile. I also went to the dentist last week and she
commented that my teeth are looking really white! You know your teeth are
whiter if your dentist notices.

The Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening process is
flexible with your schedule. Here’s a quick rundown of the process or watch the video below:

Sign up and receive your Smile Brilliant Kit at

Make your molds at home

Send your molds in with prepaid postage

Get you’re your teeth trays/molds in 1-2 weeks
and you can start whitening your teeth!!

On your time and availability, squeeze the teeth
whitening gel into molds, and wear from 45 min to 3 hours

Take off, rinse and dry trays, then put
desensitizing gel in trays. Wear for 15-30 min.


Best time to whiten your teeth: after dinner and
before bed.
Between school, work, and blogging, I am a girl on the go. So for
me, it was easiest to whiten my teeth after dinner and as I got ready for the
next day.

The teeth trays are flexible and comfortable! I was worried
it was going to be a hard set of trays like clear plastic retainers, but they
were soft and easy to wear!

Great Visual Directions + Video. Since it’s a home
kit, I was worried I might mess up the process. But the Smile Brilliant kit
came with detailed directions and pictures. There video was also helpful to

Do not skip on the desensitizing session – I could
feel my gums getting a little sensitive after an hour. And this is pretty normal since 60% of people actually
experience gum sensitivity after treatments.  I used the desensitizing gel after my
whitening session and wore it at least for 30 minutes.

Whitening gel is good for a year at room temperature!
You may want to start whitening your teeth several weeks or months leading up
to an event. Or you may want to order the product now and give it a shot, then
save the rest of your whitening gels for a big event later in the year. You can
do this since the whitening gels are good for a year at room temperature!

Cost savings with Smile Brilliant – Smile
Brilliant offers 3 different kits ranging from $129-$159. A professional teeth
whitening session can cost between $450-$600. You can save around $400 using this home kit!

Home Kit items are easy to use – it was easy to
create your own molds and squeeze out the whitening and desensitizing gel into
your molds. The whole kit was so easy to use!

And lastly my final takeaway is that I’m happy
with the product
. Sometimes products can work, but you were unhappy with the
process because it was difficult to use a product. But the Smile Brilliant kit had
everything I needed to navigate myself through the teeth whitening process!

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Thank you for reading!