Holly Phan Photography

affinity for bridges continues with my last look for American Eagle Outfitters.
Holly and I were driving from the Snoqualmie River to the Mountain Tree Farm
when we stumbled upon this bridge. I literally swerved off to the side of the
road to check out this bridge. I don’t know what this bridge is called or where
the trail across it led to, but I knew we had to stop and shoot.

 In many ways, stumbling upon this bridge is
like coming across new opportunities throughout 2016. Through this year, I felt
like I knew where I was starting and where I needed to get to next. But like
this unexpectedness of this bridge, an opportunity and a surprise experience always
came up along my journey. Whether was experiencing three rotations in one year
(I can’t believe I’ve had 3 different jobs in 2016), or falling into my
marketing management certificate program even though I’ve been searching for an
MBA program, 2016 has more than reinforced that life is about the journey, not
the destination. I hope to stumble upon more bridges, find new opportunities,
and embrace new experiences in 2017.

to my last look for AEO in 2016 – I hope I can bring you more in the New Year! 

Outfit details:

Floral Velvet Dress – American Eagle Outfitters

Pom Beanie – American Eagle Outfitters

Tights – Target

Booties – Nine West

Purse – Kate Spade

Thank you for reading!