Holly Phan

AEO Style
Ambassador – Holiday 2016

American Eagle Outfitters #WeAllCan campaign
celebrates each person’s unique voice and individuality. As a Style Ambassador
for this Holiday Season, I wanted to share what I can do, be, and create.

1. I can be a writer:

Through blogging I publish my personal
thoughts and fashion advice. I believe I can do more with writing. I can use my
words to relate to those around me, empower those who identify with me, and bring perspective
to those who are different than me. I can write poetry, essays, stories, and
blog posts. And in the future I hope to share my writing in other platforms –
magazines, newspapers, other blog sites, and maybe even books. I
believe I can be a writer.

2. I can be a model: 
This is a hard dream for me to admit. I think
it’s difficult for me to admit this dream because I grew up with a lack of
Asian American/Pacific Islander role models in mainstream media and films.

But today I say I can
be a model
because I’m seeing the media
landscape changing. There’s now a Disney princess who looks like me (Moana!)
and brands like American Eagle are paying attention and celebrating diversity.

I say I can
be a model
because my friends and family say
they see me as one
. Now I’m learning to also see myself as one and
allowing myself this dream. My appearance may not seem like the traditional
model, but I believe I can be a model.  I feel so confident behind the
camera and I love working with photographers and trying different shots. I’ve
worked with incredible brands who have partnered with me to showcase their
products – so in a way I’ve been a model and now I’m learning to embrace this dream and reality.

I say I can
be a model
because I dream of modeling for
an official AEO Campaign one day – where I see myself in stores and on
billboards. I dream seeing me in an ad projected into Time Square. I dream of
shooting for AEO spring or summer’s online catalog’s or website.

I dream this dream for me and for any other
girls out there who are just as excited that there’s finally a Disney princess
who looks like them.

I dream this for girls who wonder if they are allowed to also
dream to be a model, especially if they are petite or curvy or athletic or tan
or dark or unique like me.

I dream for this girls who challenge standards of
and live to create themselves.

3. I can give love, happiness, and positive
energy into the world!

I truly believe the glass is half full. I
have always seen the world in a positive perspective and have continued to
choose to see it that day. This holiday season I’m celebrating love, happiness,
and positive vibes because it’s the season to be thankful and giving.

Outfit details:

The Coziest Winter Knits Ever – American Eagle Outfitters
Booties – Dolce Vita
Socks – Target
Purse – Kate Spade 

Thank you for reading!