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I may be petite, but I never let my height deter me from wearing anything I want to rock – especially flared pants. Here are 4 style tips to help you rock the flared pants + product links to recreate my look:

1. Wear heeled booties: If you feel like your frame is may be a little overwhelmed with the length of the flared pants, I’d recommend wearing heeled booties. Adding some height to your frame can help balance out your look. 

2. Substitute Flared Jeans for your Everyday Jeans: I could have very easily styled this ombre sweater with a pair of black or blue jeans. But the flared jean is just starting to creep into people’s closets and not yet a popular pair of jeans. My recommendation in starting to bring this jean into your everyday looks. Here are a few looks I would have swapped my regular jeans for flared jeans:

 Troll Avenue Look

Boyfriend Jeans

3. Wear a Cropped Top (With High Waist Flare Jeans)

Wearing a cropped top can help highlight your waist and proportionally balance out the wide leg pants. I also rocked these jeans last year during my JoJo Rings Valentines Day Shoot:

Valentines Day

4. Keep Your Look Simple: In this everyday look, I wanted to highlight my flared jeans so I kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple. I styled the flared jeans with an ombre sweater to add some contrasting colors to the outfit. I also just paired it with my white purse (that literally goes with anything) and brown open toe heeled booties that I’ve worn over these past few years. This outfit is perfect for running errands around the city or for having a fun date night with my boyfriend.

Recreate my look:
Ombre Sweater (RomWe): Price $17.99
Flared Jeans (American Eagle Outfitters): Look Alike – Price $44.99
White Purse (Nordstrom Rack): Look Alike – Price $44.99
Heeled Booties (Nordstrom Rack): Look Alike – Price $64.97

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Photos: Holly Phan