Do you ever feel like you eat at the same restaurants over and over again? Or that you only stay in the your neighborhood when you decide to go out to eat?

Its easy for me to fall in the same cycle of restaurants because I know they’ll be good and I enjoy whats already familiar. But I do make it point to try a few new places every month because I do love trying new places to eat. This past weekend was a jam packed weekend full of food so I’d thought I’d share my Seattle Weekend Restaurant Recap to hopefully give you some inspiration of where to eat next.

Brunch: Agrodolce – Fremont
Address: 709 N 35th ST Seattle Wa 98103
Brunch Menu 

This Tuesday is my boyfriend Brandon’s birthday so I insisted we do an early weekend brunch since we both work on Tuesday. Like most of the new places I find, I found this place searching the internet and Yelp. I made a reservation through open table and had no problem finding the place.

 I loved how this cute little italian restaurant had lots of window light. I ended up getting the chicken and waffles ($16) and Brandon got an omelette ($13). Agrodolce also offered bottomless mimosas but we decided to opt out because we had some errands to run that day…. Overall this place place was pretty good. I loved how low key the place was. Sometimes you get to brunch at super busy places and you can’t even hear each other talk because the place is so loud or get the attention of the waiter. But Agrodolce wasn’t super busy the morning we came in so we had a nice relaxing brunch. 

Dinner: Gracia – Ballard
Address: 5313 Ballard Ave NW Unit B Seattle, WA, 98107
Dinner Menu 

My friend Katie just started busy season and wanted to grab dinner for a break. So we decided to try Gracia in Ballard. I had the enchiladas suizas ($16), Katie had the taco plate ($14), and we decided to split the salsa sampler (only $5!). We went on Friday night and the place was packed! Luckily as soon as we walked in, there was a table at the bar open so we didn’t have to wait too long.

Overall the food was really good. I loved the enchiladas and we had fun trying all salsas. I would definitely come here again. I would recommend this place for dinner any day of the week. I would also recommend this place if you’re planning to go out in Ballard on a Friday night – this would be a great place to start since its in the middle of all the bars!

Brunch: Cafe Turko -Fremont
Address: 900 N 34th Street Seattle WA 98103
Brunch Menu 

My friends Elif and Rosalyn loved this restaurant so we decided to brunch here Sunday morning. This was my first time eating at Cafe Turko and it was such a great experience. This place is really unique in Seattle. I absolutely loved how the place was decorated with the hanging lanterns, colorful plates, and other pieces of wall art.

I got the Instanbul Breakfast ($11), Elif got the Sucuklu Plate ($11) and Rosalyn got the Kuzu Omelette ($13). Overall the place had a family friendly atmosphere and wasn’t too busy on a Sunday morning. All three of us also shared this small but strong cup of Turkish Coffee. Elif warned us that it was really strong so we decided to all try it. I would come back and would love to try this place for dinner!

I hope to keep sharing Weekend Restaurant Recaps with you in the future. If you have any restaurant recommendations around the Seattle area, please share them with me! I’m always looking for new places to try.

So where will you eat next?