It’s easy to fall into the gloominess of the northwest.

easy to fall into the navy blues, evergreen hues, and the comfort of black and
white. You can always stay true to the Northwest classic colors, but don’t be
to wake up your wardrobe with texture, color, and metallics. Here are a few style tips to help spruce up your wardrobe for spring:

Style Tip #1: Knot Your Tops

Whether it’s a classic white tshirt or a second hand
sweater, change up your look by simply knotting your top. In this look, I
pulled over this purple sweater over my velvet dress. I didn’t like the way it
just hung down so I thought I would just knot the front to add a synch in my
waist and create a modified crop top.


Style Tip #2: One
Color Look

Make a strong
statement this spring with a one color look.
Ribicca pulled together a
cotton wrap shirt with a perforated skirt that were both mustard yellow and
pulled it off perfectly. If you aren’t ready for a strong color, I suggest
wearing a one color look in earth tones – like navy, forest greens, or
tans. If you are feeling bold though, feel free to rock whatever color you


Style Tip #3: Metallic Bottoms

A fun way to add some light and texture into your spring
wardrobe is adding metallic bottoms.
In this shoot, Bailey styled these light weight, light pink metallic pants and
McKenna styled this metallic maxi skirt. Both pieces can be styled up or down
depending on the pieces you pick to complete the look. Adding pieces like denim
shirts or white knotted tshirts can help bring a metallic pants to an everyday look. While adding pieces
like off the shoulder blouses or turtle neck sweaters or high heels can help dress
the metallic skirt for more formal events. 

Thank you everyone who made this project possible! I hope everyone has been enjoying the We Are the Northwest series so far! 🙂


Ribicca from Amro Menor
Bailey from Hot
Dress Hot Mess

McKenna from The
Modern Mosaic



Hair: Meghann Oliberos |

Make Up: Renee Saia | 

Photography: Jenna Bechtholt  Insta: @jennabechtholt |

 Creative/Styling: Allison from West
Coast Aesthetic

Denver Nathan
Video |