Who is the New American Girl?

I recently
attended a local blogger event where I hung out with some of my friends/Seattle
fashion bloggers. My friends congratulated me with my partnership with AEO. In
fact one of my friends said that when she used to think of AEO, she used to
think of an all American girl. A
girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, maybe loose waves – representing AEO. I told
her that I used to feel the same way. And she told me that she now also imagines me when she thinks of AEO.

I confided in another friend later
that evening that I wasn’t sure why AEO would pick me.
I told her it must be my engagement
or that maybe because they needed an Ambassador in the Seattle region….

She told
me that AEO probably picked me because I’m multi dimensional and am authentic
with the work I produce.
She told me not sell myself short, because I can be the face of a brand. She told
me that because I’m not the all American girl, I can bring a different
perspective and life to the brand.

She called me the New American Girl.



That really resonated with me. 

I’ve never imagined myself as an “all American girl” because I knew I was different. But I feel more confident calling myself the New American Girl because…

I am Filipino and American.

I work in aerospace and also have a voice in fashion.

I am petite and can model.

I am a business woman and a blogger.

I am creative and technical.

I am a writer and an analyst.

I understand both a collectivist and individualist cultures.

I enjoy clothes, fashion, make up and making myself beautiful and I aspire to further my education and climb that corporate ladder.

I could never identify as an All American Girl because I wasn’t. I am the New American Girl. 

I am multi dimensional, with opinions, and creative thoughts. I feel empowered when I lead a meeting and feel beautiful when I take photos. I draw inspiration from a manufacturing plant and also real flowers and plants. I’ve always known I was different, and now I’m finally learning to embrace these dimensions and qualities who make me who I am.

I’ve come a long way since my first collaboration with American Eagle Outfitters. Though I am still on a journey of disbelief and self acceptance, I am learning that as a New American Girl I truly can represent this brand. 

Last fall, my first collaboration with AEO helped me realize that I could be the face of this brand. 

This spring, my third collaboration with AEO helped me realize that 

I am already the face of this brand.

I truly hope you enjoyed my spring collaboration with American Eagle Outfitters with their #WeAllCan Campaign.

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Photos: Miriam Subbiah

Thank you for reading!



“A New American Girl”