I’ve been poppin tags long before Macklemore only had $20 in his

store/second hand shopping was a way of life for me growing up. It was also a
necessity during my college years. I love clothes and shopping, but I also had
to pay for boarding, books, and tuition. Second hand shopping gave me the
ability to shop without breaking my budgets.

Here are three reasons why I
love secondhand shopping
 and why you should try
secondhand shopping too!

1.   Save Money

Secondhand shopping is incredibly gently on your budget. You’d be
surprised how far $30 -$50 takes you. This embroidered Ella Moss dress was
originally $198 and I snagged it from ThredUp for literally $24! That’s a $174
savings. There’s no way I would have bought this dress for almost $200…so I was
so excited when I got it at an 87% discount!

2.   Stay on Top of Trends

Trends these days come by so fast that it can be hard to keep up
with them – especially keep up with your budget. Instead of trying to keep up
with every trend out there, I select a few that work for my style.

One of my favorite trends this season is
 I love the embroidered bomber jackets and shirts making their way
through the fashion scene. I specifically had this trend in mind as I was going
through ThredUp. When I found this embroidered dress, I knew I needed to have
it. It wasn’t the typical embroidered flowers or birds, but the patterned
embroidery really caught my attention.

Here are a few trends to watch for this season when shopping

  •                                     Camo or leopard prints
  •                                     Off the shoulder tops
  •                                     Bell sleeves

3.   The Thrill of the Shopping Hunt

I love secondhand shopping both in person and online. I love
finding new treasures especially if they are affordable! I honestly get so
excited finding a great deal and refreshing my wardrobe for the season.

To me, secondhand shopping is such a fun way to shop and save. I
recently discovered and collaborated with ThredUp for this post. I absolutely
love their site because you can find both designer, casual, work wear,
accessories and more on their site. I didn’t realize that I could secondhand
shop from the comfort of my own home!
ThredUp is now one of my go to places to
find great secondhand items.

Outfit details:

Ella Moss Dress – ThredUp / ThredUp Blog 

Dolce Vita Heels – Nordstrom Rack

Grey Hat – Target

Earrings & Ring – My Favery 

Thank you for reading!



Photos: Jenna Lynn Photography 
This post was made in collaboration with ThredUp. All the opinions are my own.