Are you looking for the perfect pair of jeans?

I am 5 foot tall, petite Filipino-American woman and I have never let my size stop from
anything I do.
Height and size to me are all relative because
on the inside I feel 5’6”.

My friends and family say I appear taller than what I
actually am because of my presence. Maybe it’s my loud laugh or my optimism
that helps me feel taller. Whatever the reason may be, I strive to not let my
height ever get in the way.

Until I decide to shop
for jeans.

Shopping for jeans is always a process for me. I usually
have to try every pair of jeans I buy in store and avoid shopping for jeans
online. I’m petite and I grew
up running and with gymnastics so my legs are still pretty athletic. So jeans may
fit me too tight in the thighs and butt but may fit my waist. Or jeans are a
little loose in the waist but fit my thighs and butt. 

When I shop for jeans, the models wearing the
jeans are hardly ever my body type or my size so I know I have to physically
put them on.

I don’t always have
the time
to wander through the mall and go to every store to find a great
pair of jeans. I used to be apprehensive about shopping for jeans online… until
Fitcode came into the scene.

What is Fitcode?

With to focus on fit not size, Fitcode strives to make denim
shopping easier for women. Fitcode believes that every woman deserves to look
and feel amazing.
They’re here to help women find that right pair of jeans
that’s made for their unique body type.

How does it work?

1.   Find Your Fit: Before you
start shopping, take the fit quiz to find out your fitcode. Don’t worry, you
won’t be needing any measurements! Its only 5 questions about your body shape.
Take the fit quiz here.

2.   Shop Your Fit: After you
take the quiz, you receive your Fitcode.  My personal Fitcode is a 710  which means I have muscular thighs and curvy
through the waist (thanks to my athletic legs). You can now browse the
different denim selections paired with your Fitcode. You can dive into the details
of the denim by clicking on each pair of jeans or filter through brands,
styles, and colors.

I chose the
from AG Jeans because I don’t have anything pairs of jeans like this
in my closet. I fell in love with the two tone denim and love the faux back

3.    Love Your Fit: When you find
the right pair of jeans and finally put them on, rock them! Wear them with off
the shoulder tops, fringe, distressed shirts, or just casual, comfortable tees.
You’ll look great in your new pair of jeans so be confident and proud girl!

is my first pair of  AG jeans and I’m obsessed. I also love Tawny
white denim shirt featured in this look.  I felt amazing from head to toe because the
clothes fit me so well and the sun was shining the day of our photo shoot!

Thank you for reading! And thank you to Fit Code & AG Jeans for this look!

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