Usually when I think of treating
myself, I think of pedicures or dessert. Very rarely do I think about treating
myself to a good bra. But why not treat myself to a comfortable, cute bra?

I wear one every single day and it’s
important to love the clothes and undergarments you’re in right? Luckily, I
found a company called ThirdLove that is focused on giving me and every
other woman out there a bra that’s comfortable, a bra that fits, and a
bra that’s designed for me.

Usually when I go bra shopping, I
pick out a standard size and a cute print. And I’m out the door.  

So what makes ThirdLove different
than all of the other traditional bra and underwear retailers out there?

Half Sizes 

ThirdLove is changing the bra game
by offering half sizes. From AA Cup, to a B ½ Cup, to even F (DDD) Cup,
ThirdLove literally has got you covered up to a G – 42 C Cup

Breast Shape Dictionary 

One of my favorite things I
discovered on ThirdLove’s website is the Breast Shape Dictionary. Not only do they
identify different types of breasts, but they also provide links to shop for
bras according to your type of breast. I’ve never experienced this shopping for
a bra at a traditional retailer! 

You can Try Before You Buy 

      Say what?! You can actually take the Fit Finder Quiz to figure
out what type of bra to try before you decide to buy. 

I absolutely love how ThirdLove
gives you the option to try the bra on first. I know when I first started
telling my friends about ThirdLove, they were apprehensive to purchase a bra
online before trying it on. The option to try before you buy helps you make the
decision whether this bra will be for you or not!

The Nakeds Collection: 

ThirdLove was gracious enough to
gift me with a set of bra and panties from their New Nakeds Collection. The
Classic Push-Up Bra has quickly become by favorite bra in my drawer. I can’t
believe how comfortable the straps are and I love the seamless shape of the

Shop my bra & underwear!

I hope you enjoyed the post and give
ThirdLove a try! Thank you for reading!



*This post was made in collaboration
with ThirdLove and all my opinions are all my own.