So I’m going to start grad school this fall and decided I needed to go on a big trip before I start…

This year has been an exciting year of adventure. 

I went to
Portland to for a wedding in January, went to New York Fashion Week for the
first time in February, and spent a weekend reliving my old LA life in April. And
I found out I’m going to be starting a brand new adventure this fall. I’ll be
starting my Masters of Communication in Digital Media at the University of
Washington. Woof! Go Huskies!

But before I start
grad school, I want to make sure I have an adventure and cross off a few places off my bucket list…

So before I start grad school….

I’ll be going to…


Cinque Terre.

And London!

It’ll be my first time in Europe so I’m incredible excited!

and London have been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I cannot
wait!! If you’ve traveled to Florence, Cinque Terre or London, and have any
recommendations or where to go, what to see or what to eat, please let
me know! I leave at the end of June so I have a little more than a month to
plan an itinerary.

I’m also going to be putting together a travel look book. I’ve already started pulling outfits together for this Europe trip… 

One thing I’m definitely packing for Europe is this dreamy white halter dress from Tobi! I’ll also be packing these block heeled sandals with a metallic accent. This dress is going to be perfect wandering the streets of Florence or Cinque Terre. It’s lightweight, breathable, and the midi cut out is a flirty little touch to the classic little white dress. I don’t have anything like it in my closet, so it’s definitely going to be a standout piece in my travel wardrobe.

Shop my entire look:
Robyn Linen Ivory Midi Dress | Tobi | Only $19 (I’m wearing a size XS)
Block Heeled Sandals (look alike) | Nordstrom Rack
Kate Spade White Purse (look alike) | Kate Spade

Photos: Miriam Subbiah

Thank you for reading! Thank you to Tobi for this beautiful dress! And stay tuned for what outfits I’m going to be bringing to Europe!