I recently got the question: how do you stay motivated and
inspired to blog? This is a question I face pretty often. It can be easy to
feel like you aren’t doing enough or feel burnt out from blogging. Here are 5
ways I recommend to continue to stay motivated and inspired to blog:

1. Define your blogging goals

Take a moment to
Before you launch into writing, taking photos, doing make up or
hair, traveling, or etc, ask yourself
what do you want out of blogging?
Ask yourself what does success look like
to you? Is it a high follower count? Is it producing quality content? Is it
partnerships and brand collaborations? Or is it a high engagement with your followers?

It’s important to
define what success looks like to you because success is different to everyone. 

What’s Your Capacity?
I would begin each year, or each quarter, or each month with a set of blogging
goals. I would keep in mind your capacity – are you working full time? Are you
in school? What is a realistic goal for you to set? Whether it’s one blog post
a week or one blog post a month, keep your capacity in mind when goal setting.

Why set goals? The
main reason why I recommend setting blogging goals is because you will stay
more motivated if you know what you are working towards.

2. Blog about Things that Interest You

Why is this
This may seem like an obvious one, but blogging about things
that you are passionate come much easier than things you aren’t interested
about. If you’re interested about
reviewing products and items, pursue it. If
you aren’t interested
in creating a Father’s Day post or What to Wear on
Memorial Day, don’t do it. Create content on things that you are interested or
passionate in. Your readers will also be more interested in your content if
they see your passion.

Ask yourself:
What spaces do I want to be in? Fashion? Travel? Beauty? Cooking?

Example: Less
than a year ago, I started blogging about career focused content. This was a
pretty easy step for me because I love talking about career development. My
past blog posts about informational
and coming
down the learning curve
have all stemmed from conversations I’ve had with
friends. I feel good about myself when I’m able to help someone get to the next
step in their career.

3. Ask yourself where you draw inspiration from

One thing I’ve learned about blogging for several years is
that you can’t wait for inspiration to hit you. You should actively searching for things that inspire you.


Ask yourself:
what inspires you? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Example: Personally,
one place I continuously draw inspiration from is TED talks. One of my most
successful and meaningful blog post I ever wrote was The Truth About My
Imposter Syndrome. I watched Deanna Simmon’s TED Talk about Imposter Syndrome and it
completely shook me to my core. It forced me to reflect and realize that I had
dealt with imposter syndrome my entire life. Other places I draw inspiration
from: Pinterest, Lookbook, and my followers/readers who ask me questions!

4. Take a Break

If are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out from blogging, take
a break! It is not productive to expend all this energy towards blogging when
you are feeling down, frustrated or uninspired. Whether you decide to take a
walk or get dinner with friends, taking the time away from blogging can help
you feel refreshed. You’ll feel rested and hopefully more motivated to revisit
what topics or projects you are working on.

Set a Brainstorm Time

Some bloggers write a blog post right before they post it,
while other bloggers like me plan out blog posts in advance. I personally write
more thoughtful, meaningful posts when I take the time to brainstorm and flush
out my ideas. 

Ask yourself:

  • When are you most
    productive? Mornings? Right before bed?
  • Next, where are you most
    productive? Coffee shops? At your kitchen table?
  • And would be helpful to you to
    set aside 15 or 30 min to brainstorm ideas to blog about in this time and

These are just 5 pieces of advice I have about staying motivated
and inspired to blog. I also wanted to thank one of my Instagram friends/followers
for asking me this question! You inspired me to write this post because I know
this is a topic that every blogger encounters at some point of their blogging

If you have any more questions or topics you’d like to see
on #emmasedition, please let me know: emmasediton@gmail.com!

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Photos: Holly Phan