If you are a blogger, youtuber, or instagrammer with a
following, you are a brand

And as a brand, I work hard to curate a lifestyle shown on
a feed or grid online. Through the professional photos, carefully planned
captions, and brand partnerships, it can be easy to only be seen as a
  However, one of the most
important things I’ve learned so far about blogging is working to show my
followers that I’m a real person– a
girlfriend or just friend they can turn to for fashion, career, and life advice. 

My focus to develop my brand and share who I am with my
readers is to create authentic content that is relatable and relevant to them. I’ve embraced a few different ways to be authentic on my blog.

Here are 5 ways to be authentic on your blog:

1. Introduce Yourself 

One way to be
authentic is to show your readers or subscribers who you are.
Have you
taken the time to introduce yourself to your followers/readers? What do you
blog about? What’s your day job (if you have one)? Why did you choose to start
blogging? What makes you unique?

If you don’t have a blog post or a page in your blog about
who you are, I’d encourage to write one. If you do have an about me page in
your blog or a blog post already explaining who you are, I’d encourage you to
give an update every once in a while. 

Example: I revisit my about page a few times
a year to update if anything has changed in my life. In my most recent update
to my page, I included that I’ve expanded my blog to talking about career and
life advice. Previously, I had stated that I was only focused on producing content
around fashion.

2. Use a personal story to demonstrate a lesson or piece of

Sharing a personal story is one of the ways I relate to my
readers and convey a topic. Storytelling feels really natural to me so this is
why I probably use this practice in almost every single blog post. I’d
also recommend sharing a few personal stories if it’s aligned with the topic or
lesson you’re sharing with your followers.

Tips to Help You Come Down the Learning Curve
– Since I’ve been in 4
different jobs in less than 4 years, it was easy for me to draw from my
personal experiences to write this blog post.

Pieces of Life Advice for New Grads
– These are my own pieces of advice
that I received from my first year out college! 

3. Use Fun Facts, Confessions, or a Q&A

Another way to be authentic is to share with your readers
who you are. There are three different types of blog posts you can use: fun
facts, confessions, or a question and answer (Q&A) posts.
Taking the time
to share with your readers what makes you tick or what makes you unique will
help them feel more connected with you.

few of my hopes and dreams…
– These 5 things I share in the blog post are
literally things I wish to achieve in my life. These things are also outside my
norm of life advice, career, and fashion. 

Do I Balance a Blog & Career?
– This is probably one of my most popular
questions I get as a blogger and a businesswoman. People at work and people
outside of work always ask me this. I also had an Instagram friend email me
this question. By writing this blog post, I gave my friends/followers some
insight to how I balance both.

4. Celebrate Your Birthday with your Followers

Sharing your birthday with your readers/subscribers is a
great way to invite them into your life. Write a birthday focused blog post –
how are you going to celebrate? What have you learned this year turning (age)?
What were your highs and lows of (age)?

Example: 25
Lessons Turning 25
– I turned 25 in February and decided to share a few
things I learned with you guys!

5. Create Content that Matters to You

If you want to be authentic and true to yourself, you should
focus on creating content that is important to you. If are passionate about
helping new grads and young professionals with their career, do it. If you are
passionate about helping the everyday woman feel beautiful and confident about
themselves, do it. Whatever it is you are passionate about, use that passion to
fuel you.

I’ve added a Seattle section in my blog because I
love sharing what I love about my city.

Amazing Places to Take Photos in Seattle
and Seattle
Weekend Restaurant Recap
show some insight of where I like to take photos
and eat in Seattle! 

What are some ways you show authenticity on your blog?

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Photos: Holly Phan