The best part about being a girl: beauty, hair, skin, shopping,
and self-care. 

The tough part about being a girl: finding all the right
products for all of these categories.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help navigate
you through what to wear, what steps to think about your career, and now what
types of skin and beauty products to try on your face. 

Maybe you’re already a skin and beauty guru, 
but if you’re
anything like me, navigating the skin care industry can feel daunting at times.
I’m a girl on the go so I need
simplified steps and quality products that will give me clear, hydrated skin.


I’ve been spending this past year reading reviews and
looking into products that were also good for the environment. So I was so
excited when OSEA Skincare reached out to me to try a few of their products. 

What is OSEA

OSEA stands for Ocean – Sea – Earth- Atmosphere. This vegan,
plant-based company is focused on bringing you natural, non-toxic skin and
beauty products. The main ingredient in OSEA’s products is seaweed harvested
from the sea of Patagonia. Aside from seaweed, OSEA also uses flowers, salts,
botanicals, and essential oils to create their products. 

What’s your skin

Is your face oily? Normal? Dry or sensitive? Or a
Combination? Determine your skin type here with Women’s

Personally, I have a combination skin type. My skin changes
depending on the season – my skin is always drier in winter and more hydrated
in spring and summer. Sometimes parts of my skin are also drier while other
parts tend to stay normal and breakout free.

I shared this with OSEA and they sent me the Ocean Cleanser
and the Atmosphere Moisturizer Cream.

Ocean Cleanser

 Ladies and gentleman, I have found my new
favorite cleanser.
After dampening my face, I apply a pump of this
cleanser to my face in circular motions. After I rinse my face, I pat dry with a
towel. I literally look forward to cleansing my face at the end of the day
because of this product.

I love the gentle smell of this cleanser and how I can also
subtly feel my face tingle. I really like how this cleanser also helps remove
make up.
Aside from how it makes me feel, this cleanser is packed with
vitamins, rice proteins, and amino acids from algae. This cleanser is best for normal
and combination skin (just for me!).

Protection Cream (Day& Night)

I love that this lightweight moisturizer is also a base for
make up! I’m all about eliminating steps when getting ready for the day. So I love
putting this moisturizer on and putting on my make up right afterwards. 

This moisturizer is made from organic algae, avocado oil,
and shea butter so it isn’t greasy after you apply it on your face. My face
feels hydrated in the morning and in the evenings before I go to bed.
I’m so
happy that this bottle is only 2 oz so I can take it with me when I travel!

Would I recommend

I would definitely recommend these two products – especially
if you’re environmentally conscious and want natural, non-toxic products!

Now that I’ve tried these two amazing products, I want to
try OSEA’s Cleansing Milk, White Algae Mask, and the Vitamin Sea Serum!

You can buy the Ocean Cleanser and Atmospheric Protection Cream or learn more about OSEA on their website.

Thank you OSEA for gifting these two items! This post was
made with OSEA Skincare and all opinions are my own.

Thank you for reading!