I recently was invited to check out Jill Bucy and experience
their incredible facials. So a few weeks ago, I headed over to Queen Anne for
my first appointment ever at Jill Bucy. 

Located in the MarQueen Hotel in Queen Anne, Jill Bucy
Skincare provides French-style facials. This adorable spa is ran by Svetlana
and Brynn.

Here is a recap of my experience:

1. Test Your Skin

I had no idea that Jill Bucy had a system to test and
evaluate your skin.
Learning the condition of my skin was probably one of the
most valuable things I learned with Jill Bucy. I knew I had combination skin
type, but I had no idea (until my skin was tested) that my skin was very dehydrated.
Brynn and Svetlana recommended that I use moisturizer twice a day to help my
skin stay hydrated. 

2. The Facial

After testing, Brynn and Svetlana used my results to select
which items to use for my facial. I absolutely love how they took into
consideration the state of my skin. They selected items from two of the main
brands they carry in store: Tata Harper and Biologique Recherche.

Through this process, I learned that Jill Bucy is really
focused on giving you the best treatment possible. They genuinely care about
helping your skin. 

The facial was incredibly relaxing. Most of my “me-time” in
my life is spent in motion – I’m literally either exercising or writing or
walking Boone for my “me-time”. So this facial on a Friday afternoon after a
long work week was a wonderful treat. I literally walked out of the spa glowing
both in the inside and outside!

3. One Client at a Time

One thing I learned about Jill Bucy is that they only serve
one client at a time. I’ve never experienced a place where I was the only
customer in the store and all of the attention and care was on me. If you’re
looking for genuine, caring experience for your next facial, Jill Bucy is the
place to go.

4. Charcoal Masks

Another thing I really enjoyed about my time at Jill Bucy is
they took the time to educate me about skincare. I confessed that at 25, I’m
just starting to pay attention on how to care for my skin.

I asked about how
effective trends like charcoal masks are.
I learned that there is no such thing
as one treatment fits all model. Since everyone’s skin is at different states,
not everyone needs to be using charcoal masks. Especially my skin, since my skin already tends to by dry!

Overall, I had a great experience with Jill Bucy. They provided a custom facial and great customer service. If you’re
looking for a facial in the local Seattle area, I highly recommend this place!
It’s worth treating yourself!

Thank you for reading!