Happy National Thrift Store day everyone! 

Did you know that I find some of my favorite pieces at Value Village and other second hand stores? 

Did you know that donating and shopping at your local value village helps the environment and benefits your community? Aside from saving money and helping the planet, here are a few more reasons to donate and shop second hand.

To celebrate

I partnered with Value Village to give you 6 tips to help you find great
clothes at thrift stores.

(yes this entire outfit is second hand!)

1. Have an idea of what
you’re shopping for

One way to not be overwhelmed when you first walk into a
thrift store is to have an idea of what you’re shopping for. For instance, with
fall coming up in a few weeks, you may be looking for fun sweaters or
cardigans. Or with football season coming up, you may be on the hunt for
vintage Seahawks or Husky gear!

Personally I like to refresh my business wardrobe throughout
the year. So when I head to Value Village, I immediately start at short sleeve
blouses, then long sleeve blouses, and then cardigans and sweaters. Having an
idea of what you need will help guide your shopping experience.

2. Know what trends
you’re shopping for

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe with this season’s
trends, keep those in mind as you wander Value Village. This season frayed,
fringe jean hemlines and embroidery is everywhere. I literally found this pair
of jeans for $5 and this top for $11 at Value Village… 

Here are a few other trends to
hunt for this fall season:

  • Vintage Graphic T-shirts (Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, etc)
  • Basket Bags
  • Bell sleeve blouses
  • Variations of off the shoulder shirts

3. Set a Budget

Once you start going through racks, you might end up with an armful of
clothes you want to try on. It can be fun to see how much you can get under $20
or even $50. Setting a budget will also help you determine how much you really
want those clothes or not.

4. Pay attention to the
condition of the fabric

The first thing I do when I pick up a blouse, jacket, or dress is
examine the health of the fabric
. I look for signs of wear and tear – like
missing buttons or that worn out cotton. 

If there are stains, I put it down. If
there are any holes in the shirt or signs of thinning fabric, I put it down. If
the clothes have an odor, I don’t pick it up.

5. Don’t be afraid of sizes

One of my thrift shopping secrets is that I will purchase items in the
medium and large sections of the store. Flowy blouses and oversized sweaters
are always fun to have! They just need to be styled well in your look.

6. Try Everything On

I try everything on regardless. When you’re petite like me though,
trying your clothes on at Value Village is a must especially if you’re trying
on oversized items.

Advice: Wear a cami tank top and a pair of jeans when you thrift shop.
It’s easy to throw on blouses and dresses over your cami!

I hope you enjoyed these thrift shopping tips! What are some of your
tips when it comes to second hand shopping?

Thank you for reading! Thank you to Value Village to sponsoring my outfit!