I’m writing to you guys about fashion, career or life tips. 

But today I just wanted to share a fun little photo shoot with my dog Boone! My friend Lindsey Clawson asked me if I wanted to do a sunrise photo shoot with Boone, so of course I said yes!

So here is Boone’s debut on Emma’s Edition!

He is a 9 month old Norwegian Elkhound. He loves walking around Greenlake, going to the dog park, and he’s really friendly! You can also follow him on instagram: @itsboonedog!

Behind the scenes confession: 

Boone saw some other dogs walking around Discovery Park and he took off after we took these photos. He was over taking photos and wanted to play. 

And I looked absolutely ridiculous running around in this all white look trying to catch him… Luckily the other dogs owners helped catch him with me!

Thank you Lindsey for these incredible photos!


Photos: Lindsey Clawson