Are you a beauty, fashion or lifestyle blogger? Are you a youtuber?  Are you trying to find a way to get tickets to NYFW?

If you are in the social media, blogging, or youtube world with a following , you are an influencer. And as an influencer you can go to New York Fashion Week.

My first time at NYFW:

I was incredibly overwhelmed last December/January preparing for NYFW. I finally posted on Instagram that I needed help and advice with how to get tickets. Luckily, Chelsea from Truelane reached out to me for coffee and educated me about NYFW. Her help and guidance helped me get tickets to New York Fashion Week!

My first NYFW was such a learning experience and you can read about it here.

So I’m here today to  pass along the advice and guidance to help you get to your first NYFW.

First, here’s a few things to know about to NYFW:

NYFW fashion week happens twice a year.

Once in February and again in September. If you aren’t going to the September shows, use this guide
for February! If you’re planning to go to the September shows, this guide works just as well!


This year the shows are held Skylight Clarkson Square and the Shop @NYFW. There are also
shows held in other venues in New York. (subject to change each fashion week)

Street photographers:

Camp out outside of the venues. You can see them get super excited if a huge influencer walks out of the venue. They also will stop you if they like your outfit. The best way to get your photos if they decide to take your photo is to exchange business cards or Instagram handles with them on the


Aside from fashion week shows and photographers, there are tons of bloggers and influencers who attend NYFW. Don’t be afraid to reach out and schedule coffee dates and brunches! If there are also any brands you want to connect with from New York, also reach out to them!

Alright, now the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Here is how to get to tickets to NYFW:

1. (2-3 Months Before Getting Tickets to New York Fashion Week) Decide what dates you want to go. 

NYFW is happening on February 8-16th and September 5th-13th this year. You can get the Fashion Week 2019 dates here.

I decided I was going to September NYFW in late spring. I’m about to start a master’s program and I thought fashion week would be a fun last hurrah before I get serious with school. I also know I won’t be able to attend the February fashion week.

Advice: You don’t have to go to the entire week of fashion week. In fact, I recommend just going a few days.

Going to a day full of shows is fun but it is also exhausting. I’m planning on going four days in September and attending shows mainly on the weekend and a few during the week. Personally, I also use my time in New York to catch up with girlfriends and schedule photo shoots. So don’t overbook yourself if you want to enjoy the shows, networking, and a photo shoot!

2.  (One Month Before Getting Tickets to New York Fashion Week)

After you decide the dates you’re going to go. Pull up the NYFW September Schedule here.

Download the PDF for your reference. Highlight all the shows you want to attend.

3. (One Month Before Getting Tickets to New York Fashion Week) Next head to Modem online: New York- Women’s-Fall/Winter 19/20 Dates.

This is an online list of all the brand or PR contacts. Look for all the designers/shows you want to attend and email each of their PR Teams/contacts listed.

Advice: Your email should be simple. Explain who you are (blogger, influencer, etc.) and request a ticket to see their show. Share any relevant information you might want to share with them –
like wanting to write a post on the show or a video. And send it.

Also, I would reach out to as many brands/PR teams as possible! I literally email the entire list of shows for every day I’m available to attend NYFW.

This is the main source I use to find contacts for brands and PR contacts. If you know of any other resources, please let me know!

4. (One Month Before Getting Tickets to New York Fashion Week) Apply & Download GPS Radar

Most designers/shows will send your tickets to this app. So download this either or during while you’re reaching out to brands and PR teams for tickets. If you get admitted to GPS Radar, you can directly reach out to brands/shows on the website. 

5. (2 weeks Before Getting Tickets to New York Fashion Week)

Follow up with the PR teams and brands 2 weeks before the show if they haven’t gotten back to you.

Fashion week is a busy time for them and it’s totally fine to follow up.

6. (Yay you got tickets to NYFW!) Get Invited

Hooray! You get to go to a show! One thing I would do is ask the PR person who granted you a ticket if there are any other shows that you could also request tickets to. Be sure to thank the person for the invite!

7. Attend the Shows

So some shows start an hour late and other shows start right on time.

I’m speaking from experience because I missed the Badgley Mischka show last February.

I came right on time because I assumed the show was going to start late. I got in the venue but got ushered into a massive standing room ticket line. I watched the show literally right outside of the room on the big screen because the room was full. I ended up making a friend in line though!

Advice: Get there 30 min early especially if you’re given a standing room only ticket. You may be
ushered into the venue OR if the show is overbooked, asked to wait in another line of standing room only ticket holders. Don’t fret if you don’t get inside, I’ve seen huge bloggers not be admitted into the venue if it was already at capacity.

If you end up in the venue, but not the actually room where the show is taking place: Take the time to explore the venue, get some water, and network with the other people around you.

I hope this post helps you get tickets to NYFW!

Please let me know if you have any more questions specific to NYFW. I’ll also be there in September! So if you’re a brand or blogger who wants to collaborate before or during fashion week, please let me know!


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Photos: Holly Phan