Here are 10 Tips for Surviving New York Fashion Week:

1. Don’t forget to bring a portable charger. 

When you’re calling ubers/lyfts, using your phone to find
the next place to eat, and taking videos and photos of fashion shows, you’re
phone will die fast. It’s pretty difficult to find an outlet at the NYFW venues
so I recommend buying an external/portable charger. You want to be ready to capture any
fashion week moment or New York adventure!

2. To conserve your
phone battery during fashion week, put your phone on airplane mode during
fashion shows.

Take all your photos and videos during the show. Then after
the show, take your phone off airplane mode and then choose the videos and
photos you want to add to your story.

3. Don’t be ashamed
bringing comfortable shoes.

I have no shame in admitting that I kept a pair
of slides inside my bag. I don’t normally wear heels every day so I can only
last for a few hours each day. So for NYFW I’ve learned to bring an extra pair
of shoes to keep my feet a break.

4. You don’t have to
attend every show.

This past February I attended my first NYFW. I was
determined to go to as many shows as possible and I was exhausted after 4 days.
Now I’ve learned to attend a handful shows a day and also take the time to
enjoy New York.

5. Explore the city for
a well-rounded experience. 

 I’m sure there are plenty of people out there
who strictly just go out for the shows. Personally, I recommend exploring New
York especially if this is your first trip in the big apple. Go to a museum, go
see the Flat Iron building, or walk the Brooklyn Bridge. This city has so much
to offer so don’t be afraid to explore it beyond fashion week!

6. Bring Pepto Bismol 

My friends Rebecca (Blogger Not Billionaire) and Jen (Hello Rigby)
unfortunately experience food poisoning during NYFW! Ahh they recommend
bringing Pepto Bismol to your trip. 

7. Don’t be afraid to
make friends in line or at shows.

Honestly I really enjoy making new
friends when I go to fashion shows. I usually just turn to the person sitting
or standing next to me and I ask to see if they’re blogger. I met new friends
from Ecuador, Dublin, Salt Lake City, Florida, and Houston!

8. Don’t forget to eat. 

met so many people who said they only had one meal a day because their entire
days were filled with fashion shows and events. I don’t know about you but I
can’t function without food! Schedule in time to eat before or in between
shows. You can also use lunch or coffee breaks to meet new friends! I was so
happy I got to brunch with Anca (A Graceful Life),
Lizzie (Lizzie in Lace),
and Kelly and Alex (Lively

9. Schedule a photo
shoot ahead of time (at least 1-2 weeks ago – earlier if you can!)

You should definitely reach out to New York photographers to
schedule photo shoots! I would recommend either asking a friend whose been to
NYFW before if they’ve worked with any photographers. Or I would recommend just
searching #nycphotographers on Instagram and reaching out to photographers’ via

10. Be confident in your
own style and your own outfits.

I always feel a little intimated walking
into the NYFW venues. There’s so many stylish people on the streets getting
their photos taken or standing in line. You have to focus wearing your own
looks with confidence. Remember you are stylish and you deserve to be here!!
(That’s what I have to tell myself)

If you have any more tips to surviving NYFW, please let me
know in the comments below!

Photos: Ashley Jacklyn 

Thank you to DIFF eyewear for the  Ruby Sunglasses!

Thank you also to Oliver Bilou for the Vivian Bag!