Sister Days

My little sister Angelica and I like to schedule “sister days”. We
started scheduling sister days a year or so ago because we both started getting
busier. We’ll go to the movies, go shopping, or eat sushi for our sister days.
There are no boyfriends, husbands, or parents who come along. It’s just me and
my sister.

This past month, we decided to spend our sister day with Erika from Kennedy
Skincare. This was our first beauty sister day and it won’t be the last.

How did I hear about Erika Skincare?

I heard about Erika through my roommate Katie. Erika usually
does Katie’s eyebrows. Earlier this summer, Katie got a lash lift done for a
wedding and absolutely loved it. I also loved the results so I reached out to
Erika to see if she wanted to collaborate. Thankfully she did!

The Lash Lift

Why get a lash lift?

I specifically wanted a lash lift because I have so many
things going on this September. I had a wedding to attend Labor Day Weekend,
I’m heading out to NYFW at the end of this week, and I’m also starting school! My
schedule continues to get crazier so I just wanted my lashes ready to go for
every event this month!

The Lash Lift Experience:

Getting a lash lift was only about 40-45 minutes. I spent
the entire time with my eyes closed – and actually fell asleep for a little bit
(oops). I forgot to remove my mascara before I got to her salon so Erika
removed my makeup. Erika applied a silicone shield to my eyelids first. She
went through the process of applying lash perming solution, allowing it to set,
and applying the solution again.

You can read about the process of her lash lifts here


Why get microblading done?

My sister has actually wanted to get microblading done for a
while. She wanted to not worry about filling in her eyebrows every day.

The Microblading Experience:

My sister Angelica first had numbing gel applied to her
eyebrows. She wore the gel for about 40 min and then began the microblading
process. This entire service takes about 2-2 ½ hours. Erika carefully measured
out my sister’s eyebrows. She thoroughly walked her through each step. My
sister did feel pain during the actually microblading process – but she says it
was completely worth the pain.

You can read more about the microblading experience with
Erika here.

Overall Experience:

It was so fun to do a sister beauty day with Erika at
Kennedy Skincare! She felt like one of our girlfriends and was so easy to talk
to. One thing I really appreciate about Erika is that she walks you through
each process and explains each step. She answered all the questions we had
throughout the lash lift and microblading experiences. 

If you’re looking to get a lash lift, microblading, or any
other spa services done, check out Erika at Kennedy Skincare! She’s located in
downtown Seattle:

The Skinner Building 1326 5th Avenue Suite 637

Seattle WA 98101

You can follow her on instagram @kennedyskincare !

Thank you Erika for the wonderful experience! We can’t wait to come back!