What is culture;

But a means to express what makes us people,

What unites us as a community,

And what brings meaning to everyday life

– E. Cortes

I was called to create a project centered on identity,
culture, and fashion.

I’m called to reflect and understand what makes me who I am.
I’m a blogger, a businesswoman, a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend, a friend, a
student, a dog mom – and with all that I’m Filipino and American. 

I grew up blending my Filipino and American cultures in my life. I feel called to
share the meaning of the experience and to invite others to share their
multi-culture lives.

I was inspired to invite my friends to the Call to Culture
project: Doug (multiracial – Pacific Islander & Black), Ribicca (Ethopian American), and Aania (Pakistani
American) have all inspired me with their multicultural lenses.

Here are the three objectives of the Call to Culture

1. Share our cultures that makes us who we are

2. Show the fashion industry and the blogging community that
culture and diversity matter

3. Be the representation in media that we may have not
experienced growing up

Beyond these objectives, a Call to Culture is a personal
project for me.

At this point of my blogging journey, it’s easy to talk
about fashion, career, and lifestyle posts. But acknowledging and trying to understand
my Filipino and American cultures that have built me is much more challenging. 

I’ve struggled with my identity at various points of my life. I’ve battled with
the model minority myth all through school. I’ve also been confused as I’ve
been called both exotic and a white girl at the same time. 

I’ve grown up
knowing I’m not the norm

– not in fashion, not in movies, not in media, and not
even in corporate America.

 Though I know we are progressing as a society, I think it’
still important to acknowledge where we’ve been, where we are today, and the
perspectives of multicultural and multiracial children and adults. 

experiences are a part of our truths. 

Our collective truths become a part of

And our collective cultures become a part of history.

I’m calling all of you to embrace the cultures you were raised in. 

Choosing to speak our truths and share our cultures are the
paths of opening perspectives, encouraging tolerance, and embracing diversity.

Because whether you are Filipino, Ethiopian, multiracial, Pacific
Islander, black, Pakistani, or American – we all know what it’s like to feel different
at some point. 

It’s our differences that unite us. 

It’s our traditions that
enrich us. 

It’s our friendships that help tell our stories.

This is the Call to Culture project. Stay tuned for everyone’s
blog posts with their piece of culture and truth. Together we’ll celebrate our cultures.

“Culture makes
people understand each other better. And if they understand each other better
in their soul, it is easier to overcome the economic and political barriers.
But first they have to understand that their neighbour is, in the end, just
like them, with the same problems, the same questions.”

– Paulo Coelho

Thank you to my incredible friends who helped me put
together a Call to Culture:


Doug Taa: @doug_taa |

Ribicca Mayume: @iamabyssinia
| http://www.amromenor.com

Aania Aslam: @lifeofaani
| http://www.lifeofaani.com


Creative Direction: @emmasedition
| http://www.emmasedition.com

Make Up: @mahlet.kelel

Hair: @sevenhaircare
@7salon @hunteratseven

Photos: @miriamsubbiah
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Thank you for reading!