Are you looking for the “Most Instagrammable Walls” in Seattle? If so, this post is for you. 

Holly (my photographer/friend) and I spent a day driving around Seattle to put this incredible Seattle City Wall Guide/ Seattle’s Most Instagrammable Walls for you guys! I hope this blog post is helpful to anyone coming to visit Seattle or any local Seattle folks who want to further explore their city.

Pike Place Market Mosaic Fish Wall

Location: Pike Place Market in the new addition of the market.

1501 Western Ave 

Seattle WA 98101

Gum Wall

Location: Pike Place Market 

The Gum Wall is probably Seattle’s most famous wall. My tip for getting a great photo at the gum wall is to walk further down the alley and be stay alert for when the wall opens up. It’s usually pretty crowded during the summer and on the weekends.


Floral Pink Wall

Location: Western Avenue stairs – near Pike Place Market 

Thank you to my girlfriends Karya and Giulia for sharing this beautiful location with me!


Bellown Corridor: The Dragon Wall


Location: Belltown – Behind Jupiter Arcade Bar


Shout out: to Joe Nix, the owner of the Jupiter Arcade Bar, and Pioneer Square’s Treason Gallery Artists for this entire corridor of murals! Holly and I ran into Joe and his team working on expanding the murals during our photo shoot!


Belltown Corridor 


Location: Belltown – Behind Jupiter Arcade Bar

2126 2nd Avenue Suite A 

Seattle WA 98121

Wann Japanese Restaurant

Location:  Wann Japanese Izakaya

2020 2nd Ave 

Seattle WA 98121


Holly and I were heading back to Pike Place Market after we explored the Belltown Corridor Murals when we stumbled upon this mural!

Richmark Label Building

Location: Richmark Label (Capitol Hill)

1110 E Pine St.

Seattle WA 98122

*The Richmark Label building is one of my favorite buildings in Seattle because its covered in murals! These next set of photos are literally from this one building!


Eyes & Lips Wall

Location: Richmark Label (Capitol Hill)

1110 E Pine St.

Seattle WA 98122


Colorful Crystal Wall

Location: Richmark Label (Capitol Hill)

12th & East Pine Center

Liquor & Wine Customer Parking


Capitol Hill – Rainbow Sidewalks
(“This way to Molly Moons!”)


Location: Across the street from Richmark Label (Capitol Hill)

1110 E Pine St.

Seattle WA 98122

These are my favorite walls in Seattle and I know there are more beautiful murals out there! I encourage you to share your favorite walls and murals either in the comments or on Instagram using the hashtag: #SeattleWalls #SeattleMurals!

I really enjoyed putting this blog post together for you guys. Please let me know if you’d like any more Seattle themed guides!

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Photos: Holly Phan