When I first started Emma’s Edition my senior year of college,

I had no idea what I was doing with blogging or how to make friends with other bloggers.  I knew I wanted to have a creative outlet for fashion and that I should use Instagram. But my
primary focus was on getting a job before I graduated so my blog was just a fun project on the side. When I graduated, I struggled to keep Emma’s Edition going since all of my energy was going to my full time job.

 Last September, things were turning around for my blog. I had landed my first major campaign with American Eagle Outfitters and I attended my first Seattle blogger event. I was so excited to meet a whole community of Northwest bloggers who were teaching one another about how to grow our blogs and social media channels. This event inspired me to pursue blogging even further and reach out to other bloggers in the Seattle community.

 It’s been a little more than a year now, and I can’t believe the incredible friendships that have stemmed from the Seattle blogging community. From events, to coffee dates, to happy hours, I’ve truly enjoyed meeting and making friends within the blogging world. 


So why make friends with other bloggers in the community?

1. Support and learn from one another:

This is probably the most important reason why you should make friends with other bloggers is. So much of blogging is done independently in our own homes or coffee shops. It can be easy to feel alone or isolated trying to figure out how to grow our blogs and social media channels.

 Having a few blogging friends who understand the struggles of blogging is a game changer. Not only can you vent about Instagram to one another, but you also can give each other advice on trying different things on blogging. 

 2. Find inspiration

Making friends with bloggers in the community also helps you stay inspired. You can talk bounce off different blog post topics or talk about the latest fashion trends or favorite recipes together.

 3. Friends are fun!

And lastly, friends make blogging more fun! Especially if you decide to collaborate on projects together or put on events.

Here are 5 Ways to Make Friends through Blogging:

1. Attend Events

A great way to network and meet bloggers is to go to events. I’d recommend reaching out to blogger friends in your community and ask how they hear about events.

 Once you’re at an event, here’s how I usually make a friend:
Instead of scrolling through my phone, I usually try to make a friend with whoever is seated next to me.
I’d encourage you to turn to your neighbor and simply ask “Hi I’m (name), what’s your name?” And then your second question, “what brought you to the event today?”.

 These two simple questions can lead to a whole conversation! If you vibe with the person you’re talking to, don’t be afraid to ask to grab coffee to talk about fashion or blogging.


2. Ask a friend out to coffee



If you haven’t met someone in person yet, is there a
blogging/Instagram friend you’ve been following for a while that you’d love to
meet? Have you two been commenting and liking each other’s photos?

And do you
want to meet this person because you love their content?

Take a leap of faith
and ask your friend out to coffee.
Send them an email or a direct message and ask
them if they want to sit down and talk about blogging or fashion or whatever
your niche is.


3. Collaborate on a project together

A great way to build friendships in the blogging community
is to create a project together. Last September, I had just the Seattle blogging
community and never collaborated with any other bloggers.

A year later, I’ve worked with my incredibly talented
friends for the We Are the Northwest project by Allison Wagner and Jenna Bechtholt, a
picnic photo shoot for the Nordstrom Blog for my friend Ribicca Mayume from Amro Menor, and my own personal project: Call to Culture. Bringing together a
whole group of creative is an incredible experience.

Don’t be afraid to invite one or two friends for a photo
shoot or creative project! My friend Giulia invited me, Karya, and Marellen to
put this pumpkin photo shoot together and it was so much fun!


4. Take each other’s photos

If you’re a blogger or instagrammer, you know the struggle
of getting a good photo.
We also don’t have a photographer walking around with
us 24/7. So when you’re at events or at brunch, offer your friends the option
of taking each other’s photos before you leave that day. They’ll most likely
reciprocate the kind gesture and offer to take your photos too!


5. Truly support one another

Not by just liking and commenting each other’s photos, but
by truly being a friend. If someone reaches out to you and asks for advice,
take the time to respond to them. We all know what’s like to struggle with the
Instagram algorithm or how to figure out how to make pinnable images. If you’re
the friend asking for advice, make your question a little more specific. 

The direct messages I usually answer ask me either how I
balance blogging, working full time, and school or people request a blog post. I
really appreciate it when people ask me to write a blog post on a specific
topic because my answer probably wouldn’t fit in an Instagram message!


What are some of your tips to making friends within the blogging community?


Thank you to Giulia Dugo from Palm Trees and Pellegrino, Marellen, and Karya for making this pumpkin photo shoot happen for all of us! We all hope you enjoyed the pumpkin patch/fall inspired photo shoot!

You can
read a few more tips on how to make friends through blogging on Giulia’s
latest blog post. You can also follow them on instagram:
@marellenmadayag, @giulia_dugo, and @karyaschanilec.photography!

Thank you for reading!

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