Halloween Easy DIY Thrifted Costume Ideas

Halloween Easy DIY Angel Costume


Are you looking for a last Minute DIY Halloween Costume? If so this post is for you!

Happy (almost) Halloween everyone!

Besides eating Halloween candy, I love getting dressed up for Halloween. But I’m always scrambling for a last minute costume. In the past couple of years, I’ve been a cute clown, a cow girl, and a French maid. Most of my Halloween costumes have been DIY.

So this year I’m partnering with Value Village Thrift Store to share some tips on how to put together a last minute thrifted Halloween costume.

Here are 5 tips on how to put together an easy, last minute, DIY Halloween costume + 5 Halloween costume ideas you could put together from Value Village right now.

Halloween Simple DIY Thrifted Costume

5 Tips for a Last Minute DIY or Thrifted Halloween Costume

1.Research Halloween Costumes

Besides just entering “Halloween costume ideas” into Google, I’d recommend scrolling through the #halloweencostume hashtag on Instagram or Pinterest to get some ideas. Social media is a great resource to see what Halloween costumes have been done in the past.

2. Get Inspired At Value Village

Once you’ve done your research and hopefully have a few ideas of what you want to be for Halloween, head over o Value Village. I’d recommend both walking in the costume aisle, and also walking the entire store. Walk through the tshirt racks, the dresses, the vests, and even the bags to get inspiration. You might find an accessory or piece of clothing that you want to build your Halloween costume around.

Halloween Easy DIY Thrifted Costume Ideas College Halloween Easy DIY Thrifted Costume Ideas

3. Keep it Simple

If you’re creating your own costume and you’re in a time crunch, remember that less is more. I’m all about finding a cute dress and adding a key feature – like a pair of angel wings, that distinguishes what my costume is.

Value Village has so many props you can add to your costume! They have eye patches, wigs, swords, and so much more! Another plus side of keeping your costume simple is that you won’t have to spend the entire Halloween night explaining who you are to people.

4. Look Inside Your Own Closet

Shopping your own closet especially when you only have a few days to put together your costume is an easy way to keep your cost down. It’s also a great way to showcase an updated version of your costume. I personally added a pair of pearl embellished heels to glam up my angel costume.

5. Consider Your Halloween Occasion

If you’re heading to the bars, club, or Halloween parties, don’t be afraid to pick more glamorous Halloween costumes that may look great with heels. If you’re actually trick or treating and the weather calls for rain, you might want to pick a costume that keeps you warm and dry (like Mary Poppins since she carries around an umbrella!)

Halloween DIY Costume Ideas Angel Halloween DIY Costume Ideas

5 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas that you can create from Value Village:

1. Hippie

You can buy a ready made hippie costume but you can actually just find pieces to put this costume together. Search for a tie dye t-shirt, bell bottom jeans, a suede vest, and platform heels or boots.

2. Pirate

You can also buy a ready made pirate costume but you can also create your own cute pirate costume. Search for a ruffled white blouse, a black or brown vest, culottes or even just black pants. Add a sword or an eye patch for the key feature to distinguish what your costume is.

3. A Sports Fan

Honestly this is probably one of the easiest costumes you can do! You can be a Husky or Seahawks fan. Look for a vintage t-shirt or hat or even a fun boa or pom poms!

4. Tourist

Head to the flower or palm tree printed/aloha shirts, find a pair of cargo or just your own pair of jean shorts, add a fanny pack and your own selfie stick and you’re officially a tourist. Socks and sandals are optional.

5. 80s Prom Queen

Walk over to the dresses section and don’t be afraid to buy a dress that’s a little too big. Look for a satin, silk, or overall vintage dress. Head over to the jewelry cases or even children’s toys to see if you can find a crown. And lastly, make your own sash out of paper or fabric.

Halloween Easy DIY Angel Costume from Value Village Thrift Store

Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume from Value Village

What are some of your tips for putting together last minute DIY Halloween costume?

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Last Minute Easy DIY Halloween Costume

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Photos: Holly Phan

This post was made in collaboration with Value Village and all my opinions are all my own.