Kipu Ranch Adventures - Kipu Ranch Review - Things to do in Kauai

Are you planning a trip to Kauai soon? From someone who visited the island for the first time, I’m going to pass on some advice that I heard from one of the locals: there are three ways to see Kauai – on boat, by air (helicopter), or by ATVs/4x4s. During my first trip to Kauai, we decided to see the island with a 4×4 UTV tour at Kipu Ranch Adventures. 

What is Kipu Ranch?

Located in Lihue, Kipu Ranch is an incredible property that extends from the top Mt. Haupu to the bottom of the Huleia Rider. This 3,000+ acre private ranch can only be accessed through a tour with Kipu Ranch Adventures.

What is Kipu Ranch Adventures?

Kipu Ranch Adventures is a 4 x 4/off road touring operation that provides tours through Kipu Ranch. This is one of the top eco-tours in Hawaii as they provide their guests with Hawaiian history and Kauai’s breathtaking views.

Kipu Ranch Adventures - Kipu Ranch Review - Things to do in Kauai

Why did we choose Kipu Ranch Adventures?

Brandon and I traveled to Hawaii with his group of friends. As a party of 11 (woot, woot), we wanted to find fun group activities to do. Brandon and I found Kipu Ranch Adventures and were so excited that they offered a tour through where Jurassic Park was filmed. I also really liked how they offered vehicles that you can drive and vehicles that came with a Guide. Brandon preferred to drive one of the three vehicles our group ended up booking. While I preferred to ride with a Guide!

Kipu Ranch Adventures - Kipu Ranch Review - Things to do in Kauai

Overall experience:

In all, we had so much fun in the 3 hour long Ultimate Ranch Tour! I loved how our tour guides took the time to tell us about the history of the ranch. I personally really enjoyed learning about how so many Hollywood films have been filmed at the ranch – like Jurassic Park, Tropic Thunder, and Snatched. A few of us even went on the Indiana Jones Rope Swing (featured in the video)! And our group enjoyed going through the diverse landscape and scenic look out points.

I think my favorite lookout point was at the last stop of the tour. We saw Kipu Kai from a distance, a large cove in between Lihue and Poipu. At this last stop, we learned about how King Kamehameha had tried to conquer Kauai twice but failed. We learned that King Kaumualii, the king of Kauai at the time, went to King Kamehameha to unite Hawaii and prevent any more future invasion or war attempts.

Would I recommend Kipu Ranch Adventures? Yes!

Whether you’re a couple traveling to Kauai or a large party, I highly recommend Kipu Ranch Adventures! The guides were very friendly and informative and the ride was truly an adventure!

You can find more information on Kipu Ranch Adventures here.

*This post was made in collaboration with Kipu Ranch Adventures and all my opinions are my own.*

Kipu Ranch Adventures - Kipu Ranch Review - Things to do in Kauai