Whistler Weekend – Superfly Zip Lines Review!

superfly - whistler - things to do in whistler - superfly review

Happy last day of winter everyone! In honor the last day of winter, I wanted to share my favorite trip I took this past winter to Whistler. My seven girlfriends and I have made a commitment to take a girls trip at least once a year. We’ve gone to Hawaii and San Francisco and this year we wanted to go back to Whistler.

superfly - whistler - things to do in whistler - superfly review

Why Whistler?

My group of girlfriends use to go to Whistler every year for college weekend. I went my junior and senior year and absolutely loved it! We’d been talking about wanting to go back so we finally made the commitment last summer to go in February of this year.Besides trying skiing for the first time with my friends Momo and Connie, I’d say the highlight of our trip was zip ling with Superfly!

Who is Superfly?

Superfly is a zip line and treetop adventure company located in Whistler. They’re located in the forests of Cougar Mountain – which is just a 10 minute bus ride away from the Whistler Village. Through zip lining, Superfly helps guests let go, try something new, and experience the beautiful wilderness and landscapes of Whistler with speed and style.

You can learn more about Superfly Zip Lines here.

The Superfly Experience:

Three Highlights from Zip lining for the first time with Superfly

superfly - whistler - things to do in whistler - superfly review

1. Four Zip Lines in 3 Hours

During the 3 hour adventure, we got to experience 4 zip different zip lines in Whistler’s back country. The first zip line was almost a mile long! I was so nervous at first and I screamed when I first started the zip line. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the view and the tree tops were during the zip line! The third zip line was the fastest – it was pretty steep and it was absolutely an adrenaline rush.

At the last zip line, the guides told us we got to hold hands. I don’t know why we got so excited to hold hands going down the zip line lol! But that was really fun.

superfly - whistler - things to do in whistler - superfly review

2. A Fun & Safe Experience

My boyfriend describes me as one of the safest people he knows. So one concern I initially had with zip lining as obviously the safety piece. We sat in secure harnesses and were instructed to NOT go upside or any other direction then sitting/slightly laying. It was comforting to have one guide at the beginning of the zip line to secure us and make sure we were all strapped in. While the other guide went down first to ensure he was there to make sure we had a safe landing. Zip lining is probably one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve ever done and I felt secure the entire time!

superfly - whistler - things to do in whistler - superfly review superfly - whistler - things to do in whistler - superfly review

3. The Snow Vehicle!

We got to take a massive snow vehicle thing to take us up the mountain. I guess none of us through about how we were going to get to the very top of the mountain… so we were all surprised to find out we were going to take this massive snow vehicle to the top! The ride was bumpy but it was cool to climb up the mountain in it!

superfly - whistler - things to do in whistler - superfly review

Overall we had an incredible time zip lining with Superfly. It’s honestly probably one of my favorite experiences I’ve ever done! I was so happy I got to share that experience with my girlfriends too! We were talking about possibly going back to Whistler in the summer so we may pay a visit to Superfly again!

If you’re thinking about a trip to Whistler and what to do, I highly recommend Superfly Zip Lines! The experience is so unique and it was so worth it for our group to go.

Here are a few tips if you’ve already booked your trip to Whistler + a reservation to Super Fly Ziplines:

  1. If it’s winter, wear your snow gear! It gets sooo cold zip lining through the trees. I would have died if I didn’t wear all my layers.
  2. Bring a go pro if you have one. I was way too scared to go down the zip ling with my phone out. If I had a go pro, I would have brought it!
  3. Zip lining is great for winter and spring/summer! Zip lining is a great activity for all seasons!

superfly - whistler - things to do in whistler - superfly review superfly - whistler - things to do in whistler - superfly review

Thank you for Superfly Zip lines for having us! We had way too much fun! And thank you to my girl friends who shared this experience with me and filmed/took photos for this blog post!



*This blog post was made in collaboration with Superfly Zip lines and all my opinions are my own.*

P.S. I’ll be heading to LA twice in April and Miami in May! If you have any recommendations on what to do/see/or eat, please let me know!


  1. March 21, 2018 / 8:48 am

    Whistler is such an amazing place to do this! The views are incredible.

  2. March 21, 2018 / 9:51 am

    What an incredible experience! I had no idea you could go zip lining in Whistler but I’m so intrigued to try it out now!

  3. April 9, 2018 / 7:13 pm

    What you’ve shared is really cool, amazing ziplining experience! Its name Superfly connotes a very unforgettable and enjoyable adventure. I guess I will also give it a try, am going to ask my friends to go on zip lining! I can’t wait to do the same thing!

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