One intention I’m brought into 2018 is travel. Even though school and work are pretty demanding right now, I still want to experience adventure and new experiences with friends this year! I started off January with a 7 day trip to Hawaii. In February, I’ll went to Whistler for a Girls Weekend. And in April, I’ll be  went to Coachella Music Festival Weekend 1 for the first time. And in May I’m heading to Miami!

With all these trips planned, I’ll be packing, heading to the airport, flying, and doing it all over again. So I wanted to share some travel tips for anyone heading out on a long weekend trip these next few months!

Here are 8 travel tips for your next flight:

travel tips for a weekend trip

Travel Tips #1. Pack your liquids bag in an accessible pocket/bag

If you’re going on an extended weekend trip, you’re probably bringing a carry on bag and personal bag like a backpack or purse. I always put my clear bag of liquids (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc.) in the front pocket of my backpack to make it easier to take out during the security line. I’ve seen so many people fumble around looking for their liquids bag. Make the security line process easier on yourself and put your liquids bag where you can easily reach it.

Travel Tips #2. Pack a small electronics bag

Are you bringing your phone charger? An extra battery pack? Ear phones? Or your kindle or camera charger? If so, I’d highly recommend placing all your electronics in one bag to keep all your cords together. I end up just messing up my neatly packed bag if I’m combing through my clothes looking for my charger and headphones. I’ve found that keeping your electronic necessities in one bag is a great way to stay organized!

Travel Tip: Use your extra make up bag to throw your cords in! If you don’t have one, I’ve also just used a Ziploc bag so I can see what’s in it!

Travel Tips #3. Download your podcasts, books, music, and movies a day before you board your next flight

The week of my trip, I look for podcasts and book recommendations to download to my Kindle. Some airlines have movies for free you can watch in the headrest. But other airlines require you to rent tablets/digi-players for a fee if you want to watch movies. I recommend reaching out to friends, family, or social media networks to find podcast, books, and movie recommendations.

What Podcasts did I listen to on my way to Kauai? The Lady Gang, Modern Love, and the Influencer Podcast.

Travel Tips - Weekend Travel Tips - Tips for your next flight weekend travel tips - tips for your next flight

Travel Tips #4. Plan to be productive on the flight

It was a 6 ½ hour flight from Seattle to Kauai so I decided that I would use that time to be productive. I ended up brainstorming and outlining 3 future blog posts!

If you’re also a blogger or a creative, don’t be afraid to use an hour or two of your flight to be productive. You can brainstorm future blog post, plan out social media content, or list out your goals for the quarter. If you’re a grad student like me, bring your readings or homework onto the flight. You’re sitting on an airplane for x amount of hours anyways so you might as well use this time to your advantage.

Travel Tips #5. Bring extra lumbar support for your back

I have no idea why most airplane seats care designed like a C-shape. One travel tip I learned from my boyfriend Brandon is to bring extra lumbar support. He brings a self-inflating lumbar pillow that he stores in his backpack/carry on. If you already experience back pain or are uncomfortable flying for extending periods of time, I would recommend also getting a self-inflating pillow or other lumbar pillows.

Travel Tips #6. Keep your essentials in your carry on

I had a close blogger friend this past year take a trip to Costa Rica for 5 day trip and the airline ended up losing her bags… which meant that she didn’t have any of her outfits or make up for her photo shoots. She had to scramble to find the right shade of foundation and other makeup and find outfits. Her experience taught me to keep your essentials on your carry on.

So what do I keep on my carry on? My makeup bag, my camera (if I bring it), laptop, kindle, wallet, passport, electronics bag, my liquid bag, and snacks. I can buy clothes if I really lose my bags but I need my electronics with me!

weekend travel tips - delsey luggage - weekend trips

Travel Tips #7. Bring Snacks

Have you ever been seated at the back of the airplane and the flight attendants announced that they sold out of their food? I have and it’s a terrible feeling especially if you’re on the borderline of getting hangry.

I highly recommend picking up granola bars, chips, or even fruit onto your flight. Usually Brandon and I will swing by the grocery store either the night before or a few days before our flight to pick up snacks. And I’ve never not regretted bringing snacks onto the airplane.

Travel Tips #8. Stay Hydrated

Did you know that the environment in an airplane’s cabin makes it easy to become dehydrated? To create a clean environment, the aircraft takes air from outside the cabin to recirculate inside of it. This creates a low humidity environment, meaning there’s less moisture in the air. (Source: Travel & Leisure)

After I get through security, I always head straight to one of the café’s or airport stores to buy a big water bottle. Yes airport water bottle prices can be ridiculous, but being dehydrated and thirsty on the plane is no fun. You’ll feel so much better during and after your flight if you stay hydrated.

What are your travel tips for your next flight? What trips are you heading to this year?

weekend travel tips - tips for your next flight

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Photos: Holly Phan