Do you want to create a more cohesive Instagram feed? Are you looking for Lightroom presets to help you edit your photos consistently?

I’m super excited to share that my friend Karya and I have teamed up to launch a 3- Lightroom Preset Pack! We created three unique presets to help you step up your Instagram game. Before we dive into each preset, why did we decide to launch presets?

Why we launched desktop Lightroom presets:

I never thought I would ever create presets. Most of my photography is outsourced to my two photographers Karya and Holly. And I rely on them to take, edit, and send me the photos.

But these past 6 months Karya and I have taken 3 different trips together. We went to New York Fashion Week in September, Pittsburgh for Alaska Airlines in November, and we recently spend a weekend in Whidbey Island in December. We started sharing behind the scenes of the photo editing process for our trips on Instagram Stories and were surprised when the questions came flooding in around presets.

We finally decided to pull our expertise together: Karya’s amazing photography and editing skills and my pulse on what our audiences would want for presets.

Who are these Lightroom presets for?

These presets are for any blogger, photographer, or aspiring instagrammer hoping to create a more cohesive Instagram feed.

Meet the 3 Lightroom Presets:

With our combined superpowers, we decided to create these three presets:

Lightroom Presets #1: Emmalynn

Did you know my full name is Emmalynn? Well this preset is made for your everyday images on your feed. I tend to wear bright colors, like red, green and pink. This preset is designed to bring out contrast and those colors out in your photo!

Lightroom Presets #2: Fashion Insider

When you live in the Pacific Northwest, you end up shooting inside at least 50% of the time – especially in the middle of our rainy winters. This preset was designed for indoor lighting situations. If you’re shooting in a coffee shop or doughnut shot, this is the preset for you!

Lightroom Presets #3: Boonie

Yes we named this preset after my dog Boonie (Boone is his real name). This preset is designed for your outdoor, cloudy PNW days. This preset boost the warmth in your photos and desaturates the blues in the photo.


Every photo you take has different lighting and a different white balance. It’s important to remember that the presets may vary from photo to photo. However, you’ll be able to adjust the exposure and white balance on Adobe Light room when you install and apply the preset to your photos!

Additionally, due to the digital nature of the products, returns cannot be provided.

You can purchase the Lightroom Presets here on the EtsyShop! Make sure you have Adobe Lightroom Installed on your desktop before you purchase!

What’s included in the purchase:

  1. 3 Lightroom Desktop presets
  2. Installation instructions
  3. Editing guide
  4. Instant download

There you have it friends! Our first three Lightroom Presets! We hope you like them!


Emma and Karya