I’m so excited to share with you guys my first podcast interview ever! The GlowUp Podcast invited me in last Sunday to share my story on how I founded my blog as well as a few tips to stand out on Instagram. Before I jump into my podcast experience, here are a few things you should know about the GlowUpCast:

GlowUp Podcast Interview

What is the GlowUp Podcast?

The GlowUp is a weekly podcast that highlights the
intersection of entrepreneurship and art. The GlowUp interviews various
artists, hustlers, and entrepreneurs to dive into their passions and personal

Who founded the GlowUp Podcast?

Miss Casey Carter and Naomi Raven are the current hosts of the podcast. Maurice Harnesberry is the photographer and videographer. And Keith Ancker is the producer behind the Soundcasting Network.

Where can I go to listen to the GlowUp Podcast?

You can listen to my podcast episode on sound cloud: Episode
111: Social Media Expert – Influencer – Blogger Emma Cortes of Emma’s Edition.

You can also subscribe to the GlowUp Podcast on iTunes!

Emma's Edition - Seattle Blogger

Here are 3 Takeaways from my GlowUp Podcast Interview

Emma's Edition - Seattle Blogger

1. It’s funny to hear yourself talk through the mic.

I’m used to hearing myself on Instagram Stories but hearing
myself through headphones and a mic was a new experience. I got more
comfortable speaking to Casey and Naomi as the interview went on so I didn’t
notice my voice as much.

2. I was surprised that we took the interview in one take.

I’ve recorded a YouTube video with Monica last year: How to
Pose for Photos. And we filmed pieces of the videos at least twice before
Monica stitched the video together. I guess I was expecting a similar
experience – which we’d retake snippets of the interview but we didn’t. What
you hear on the podcast is pretty much the interview in one take!

3. Three tips to stand out on social media (I shared at the very end of the podcast interview!)

  1. Make sure your Instagram communicates a clear
    point of view
  2. Make sure every piece of content you publish
    delivers value
  3. Consistently create great content

I expand on these points and why these 3 tips are important to implement for your Instagram during the interview!

Thank you again to the GlowUp podcast for having me on the show!

GlowUp Podcast